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Kriss was Kriss. That's how its always been. She's always been so focussed on her and her brother Charlie. Harris her only other friend is bullied because of his sexual preferences, and it drives him off edge. When Harris is gone how will Kriss react ? And when children Services takes Charlie away, how will she live? But when she meets a mysterious stranger everything changes...


2. It begins

After I got myself ready for school. I bolted out the door not wanting to see my mother, because I've had a good morning and i'm more then sure she'll just ruin it. When I got type school it started right away. The bullying. I live in a fairly good place where all the parents participate in everything. Except for mine. My mom is an alcoholic and my dad ran out on us when Charlie turned 3. And everybody knows. So because of that people pick on me. Calling me things like 'crack baby' and 'unwanted slut' oh let's not forget my most favorite 'unwanted crack baby' yes these people are very original. But I've learned to ignore the names nd just stick with me and Charlie. Once I got into the classroom, a boy named Mike that sits in the front of the room said "Hey Kriss did your daddy come back yet?" Everybody started laughing, including me. I said simply "Oh Mike did you ever think that that would get old ? Considering you've said it to me everyday since fourth grade. Be original." then I walked to my seat in the back of the room, next to my only other friend Harris. "Hey girl." Harris said as he winked. He was also bullied because he was gay. But it didn't even seem to bother him. "Sup yo." I said trying to act cool. He laughed loudly and Mike said "Yo faggot shut up!" Harris said "Such colorful language for someone asking me to give them top yesterday." At that everyone in the lass 'oooooohed' and oh so little Mike stood shut. As expected. Harris has dirt on almost everyone here. He can blackmail them to agree to anything. After that class went on and nothing else happened. Then I got a phonecall from Charlies school. "Um hello Mrs. Gonzalez. I'm Anna Rey Charlies principle and he got into a fight with two boys today, and i'm afraid i'm going to have to suspend him." She said nervously, considering last time she tried to suspend him I almost blew up the school. "How badly is he hurt?" I asked , dice he was ganged up on he probably didn't have a chance. "Actually not at all, if he was the one to get hurt then he wouldn't get a punishment considering its not his fault. But he beat the boys pretty bad, that their both hospitalized. Both have broken noses, and one has a dislocated shoulder. While the other has a dislocated knee. If Charlie stopped when a teacher told him to he wouldn't be suspended but... You know" at this I smirked, I knew I taught him well. "Yes of course I'll be over right away to pick him up." Time to get my little champ and give him Ice cream. #A'n Hey guys I really hope you are enjoying my story. I promise the good stuff is soon to come! Don't forget to favorite and comment telling me your thoughts. And in the first chapter I made a mistake Kriss is 18 not 16 .. Oops ;) xxxx ~painlessx33
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