Erin has always been a quiet girl. She's average, a softball player, and a nerd. All this changes, when a new boy moves to town. But there's something different about him. He's isnt normal.


20. Where are you?

A/N: It's Caylee, I am so sorry we haven't updated... well today is your lucky day!! :D



Erin's POV


I woke up with a sore neck. I took a shower it see if the hot water would help, it didn't. After I got out I look at my neck and saw a bite mark. I gasped. "Who did this?" I whispered. "I did." I turned and saw Caleb. "What? No, no you wouldn't... would you?" I said, with tears threatening to fall. "I'm so sorry Erin, I just... I couldn't help it." He said. I can believe he did this. "But..." "I'm sorry..." He said, crying. 





Sorry its a short chapter. comment if you want more! :D

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