Erin has always been a quiet girl. She's average, a softball player, and a nerd. All this changes, when a new boy moves to town. But there's something different about him. He's isnt normal.


17. The perfect moment.

Caylee's POV

It was already 5:30. Damn. Time does fly. I literally flew up to my closet, and picked out some clothes. Hm.. this looks pretty. Blue striped tank top, black skin tight jeans, and white converse. I brushed my hair, letting some loose curls hang. I checked the time again.



I just about ran over to Damon's house, technically Caleb's though, and knocked on the door. 

"Well, hellooooo, beautiful." Damon said seductively. I laughed and lightly slapped his chest.

"Are we gonna go or not?" i questioned.

-25 mins later-

Damon and I were now having a food fight. It all started when i threw a grape at him. Maybe i shouldn't have done that. A piece of chocolate cake was thrown at my bum.

"Damon! Seriously? My ass?" i said trying my best not to laugh. He roared out laughing. Two can play at this game. I grabbed a few ice cubes, and snuck up begin him. I tossed the ice down his shorts. He swore, and turned around quick enough to grab me. He wrapped his arms around me, and i faced him, with my arms around his neck.

"Ahahaha! Your face was priceless!" i said in between giggles.

"You wanna see priceless? I'll show you priceless." he smirked, and pinched my butt. I gasped, and he threw his head back and laughed.

"Your a meanie, Damon." I said giving him the finger.

"You tossed ice down my pants for fucks sake!" he yelled defensively.

I smiled at him. It started to rain. I cursed under my breath, as i started getting drenched. Damon slithered his arms around me again, and my arms went around his neck. We starred at each other for a few moments.

"Right now is the perfect moment, Cay." he whispered.

"For what?" i asked.

"This." he said.

He had gently collided his lips with mine. They were so soft, and plump. We pulled away for air.

"Caylee, will you do the honers of being my girlfriend?" he asked sincere.

"Yes, i would love to be your girlfriend." i mumbled. He grinned at me, with the idiotic, yet beautiful face of his. He kissed me once more before saying, "My girl."


a/n: heyyy peeps! erin  here! new chapter!





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