Erin has always been a quiet girl. She's average, a softball player, and a nerd. All this changes, when a new boy moves to town. But there's something different about him. He's isnt normal.


9. I'm NOT interested!

Caylee's POV

While we were watching the movie Damon tried to put his arm around me. "No Damon." I said, kindly. He shrugged and we continued watching the movie. Erin was snuggled into Caleb, they were cute together. I smiled. "Please just let me cuddle you this one time." Damon whispered in my ear. His breath tickled my neck. "No." I replied, and moved to the chair on the other side on the couch where Erin and Caleb were. "What's wrong, Caylee?" Caleb asked. "Nothing." I said, and started watching the movie. When it was over, I was super tired. "Hey Caleb, can I crash at your house tonight?" I asked. "Sure." He smiled. "Thanks." I said and grabbed a blanket and pillow and fell asleep on the couch.


Damon's POV

She is just so beautiful, but she keeps pushing me away. She fell asleep on the couch, so I snuggled in behind her and just cuddled her. I heard her breathe, and her heart beat. I fell asleep after a while.


Hey guys! It's Caylee here! YAY my first ever chapter! Sorry it's short :( But I will update soon! :) Don't forget to fan, favorite, and comment! I also released a fan fic called 'Bad Boy' I hope you like it if you read it! Bai guys! xx

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