Erin has always been a quiet girl. She's average, a softball player, and a nerd. All this changes, when a new boy moves to town. But there's something different about him. He's isnt normal.


7. I think i love you.

Erin's P.O.V.

Caylee, Caleb, and I sat in first period, which is Math. Caleb sat behind me, and Caylee sat to my right. Our math teacher's name is Mrs.Newhart. Caleb kept on playing with my hair, and I giggled, causing the whole class to look at me and Caleb.

"Erin, do you have a problem sitting back there?" Mrs.Newhart.

"Uh..." was all i could say.

"Good. You better not have a problem." she finished, glaring at me.

Once Mrs.Newhart turned around, I looked back at Caleb, who was trying to hold back a laugh. I smacked his leg, making him blurt out a laugh. Everybody looked back annoyed at Caleb and I again.

"Since you two obviously have a problem with something, you both have a detention after class. Now, shush, and do your work." She stated with out looking at us. Talk about creepy...

-After school-

Caleb's P.O.V.

The rest of the day was a blur. And now, the girls and I were standing at our lockers that were next to each other's.

"Great going, Caleb, now we have detention." Erin said looking me straight in the eyes.

"Well, it'll go by fast if you have something to do." I said, using my sass skills. She rolled her eyes at me. But i could see she was holding back the urge to laugh.

"Well, i think i'm gonna go home you two. And, oh wait, here's my number." Caylee says smiling.

Erin and I enter her number into our phones.

"Bye Caylee." i say smiling back.

"Bye girl! Text me later!" Erin says waving good-bye. She sighs, and turns to me.

"Let's get our detention over with." she grumbles, and walks to the detention room.

-After detention-

Erin's P.O.V.

As Caleb and I walked to the front of the school, he asks me, "Do you have anything planned for today?"

I nodd my head and look at him, "Yes, i do. I have a softball game later. And i also wanted to know if you wanted to come?"

"I would love to!" Caleb states.

"Awesome! Well be at the fields at 4. We can chat before the game." i add, winking. Caleb laughs and nods.

"Let's go home now. Don't want to be late for the game. It's already 3." Caleb says while making a weird face. I laugh at him, and look away. We start walking on our journey home. After about 10 minutes, we make it to our houses. We say our good byes, and I walk up to my door. The door opens to see my mother.

"You have a playoff softball game today!" she said grinning like an idiot. I love my mom though.

"I know, i'm so happy and i invited Caleb!" i said jumping up and down then hugging her.

"He's a great guy Erin, he really is." she said, my cheeks flushed.

"I ship you guys." she spoke laughing.

"MOM!" i yelled back giggling.

She smiled and said, "Alright, enough fooling around. Go get ready."

Seeing it was already 3:15, i ran up to my room. I stripped off my shirt and pants. I put my softball jersey on, and softball pants. I switched out of my flats into my cleats. Since our team color was blue, i put on a special blue belt. I walked into the bathroom, and scrubbed off the make-up from my face. My legs took strides down to kitchen, while you could hear clinking from the cleats.

"BAI MOM!" i screamed to my mom. I heard a faint 'Bye, Erin.' I grabbed two water bottles from the fridge, and ran outside with my bag on my back. I jogged all the way to the softball fields, to see Caleb already sitting on the bleachers. He saw me and waved. I waved back, and walked into the 'home' dugout,  and hung my softball bag up. I walked back over to Caleb, and sat next to him.

"Erin.." Caleb said looking at me.


Caleb fiddled with his fingers for a couple seconds. Then he looked up at me again.

"I have to tell you something."

"Yes?" i asked urging him to continue.

"Ok, here it goes. I feel like i have known you for a life time, Erin. And everyday i can't stop thinking about you. I want you to be with my everyday. No, i need you to be with me everyday. What i'm trying to say, is i think i love you." he finished, looking me in the eyes, waiting for my answer.

"Well, I-" he cut me off by cupping my chin, and sweetly kissing me on the lips. His touch sent chills through my spine. But in a good way. After what felt like minutes, we both pulled away, and I smiled.

"I think i love you too."

"Then, Erin Lawrence, will you be my girlfriend?"

"Yes, Caleb Foster, i will be your girlfriend." i said grinning from ear to ear. He wrapped his arms around me, and kissed my forehead.

"I love you so much, Erin."

"I love you too, kitty." i said laughing.


"Yeah, Kitty, it fits you."

We both laughed as we sat there waiting for the team to come.


a/n: The game starts in the next chapter:) so, how do you guys like this chapter? and one more question, can any of you think of a ship name for Erin and Caleb? Comment below(: bai! -erin

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