Erin has always been a quiet girl. She's average, a softball player, and a nerd. All this changes, when a new boy moves to town. But there's something different about him. He's isnt normal.


2. Hell naw. OH HELL NAW.

Erin's P.O.V.

"I'm Erin." i reply quietly.

"Come on Caleb, we have to go home now." a lady said, who i'm assuming was Caleb's mother.

"Ugh, fine mom. See ya later sometime, Erin." Caleb says to me.

"Bye." i said smiling. Caleb and his mom walk out the door, and i watch as they do.

"Mom, i had a long night. I'm going to go to bed. Love you."

"Okay Erin. Just so you know, Caleb's mother and i have made plans to have lunch tomorrow together. So you and Caleb will be hanging out together tomorrow. And I love you too." She stated.

I walk up into my room, and close the door. I change into a pair of sweat pants, and a tank top that says, "Free Hugs".

My phone buzzes, and i get a message from my friend Maria.

Maria: Hey gurl, have you heard anything about that new boy?

Me: Yerp. His name is Caleb, and he's my next door neighbor.

Maria: PLEASE, bring me over sometime, i have to meet him.

Me: Maybe. If you dont act stalkerish..like always.

Maria: Oh hell naw. HELL NAW. im not THAT much of a stalker (:

Me: What would i do without you? lol.. i gotta go to bed. Tired as buttfudge.

Maria: Kk, night night girly. mauh :*

I seriously don't know where I would be without Maria. She's my motivation everyday. I put the phone on my desk, and walk over to my window to shut the curtains. I look out the window and look at Caleb's house. My eyes make it's way to Caleb's window, and his shirt is off, and he's sitting in his bed watching the telly. He looks up from the television, and sees me staring. Caleb laughs -even though i cant hear him- and i blush really bad. I quickly shut the light off, and jump into bed, hoping he didn't see me that much. My eyelids start to get heavier, and i eventually drift off to sleep.

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