Erin has always been a quiet girl. She's average, a softball player, and a nerd. All this changes, when a new boy moves to town. But there's something different about him. He's isnt normal.


8. Damon.

Erin's P.O.V.

For a while, me and Caleb sat there talking about life. Then the rest of the team finally came at around 4:45. I saw two of my team mates that i knew the best, so I walked over to them.

"Hey Maria. Hey April." i stated with a half smile. They both replied 'hey' and walked into the dugout. I followed, and when i got in I texted Caleb.

Hey Kitty, i'm gonna stay inside the dugout for now. The game is gonna start soon. Btw, im catcher, so ya know;) Txt ya when i can:) -Erinxx

He instantly texted back.

I'll be watchin ya;) bye. -Calebxx

I also texted Caylee.

Softball game in a few. You should come? bye:) -Erin

She replied.

I'll be sitting with Caleb :). -Caylee

P.S., I invited my old pal Damon. (: -Calebxx

I laughed, and set my phone into the pocket of my softball bag. The other team got here. The game was about to start, so i put on the catchers' gear, and ran out to the behind of home plate. Maria was at third base, and April at short stop. Those were the only girls i actually knew.

-After the game-

Our team won a difficult game against the other team. Damn, the other team had good strategies, but we had better. My thoughts were inturrupted when April and Maria came up to me.

"Oh, hey guys! I wanna show you some of my friends, if ya don't mind." i said, and they nodded. I put my bag over my shoulder, and walked out to Caleb with April and Maria following behind. I walk infront of Caleb and Caylee.

"I want to show you some friends." i say smiling.

"Maria, Caleb. Caleb, Maria." they both wave.

"Maria, Caylee. Caylee, Maria." they also wave.

Now onto April.

"April, Caylee. Caylee, April." they say a 'hey' to each other.

"April, Caleb. Caleb, April." they looked at each other with surprised stares.



"Oh my god, it's you!" April says, while Caleb smiles. They hug each other, and laugh.

"Well..i'm just gonna assume you guys know each other already." i say awkwardly.

"Duhhhh." they say simultaneously, and laugh with each other. I look at Caylee, and she looks at me. I give her a questioning look, and she shrugs. Okay then.. I look next to Caleb, and see a dude, maybe 20, sitting next to him. I take a good look at him. He has baby blue eyes. Dark brown, almost black, hair that swoops to the side. Almost 6 foot, just assuming. And lightly tanned skin.

"Like what you see?" he says, and sticks out his hand, "Hey i'm Damon."

"Erin." i smile taking his hand.

"Well, Maria April and Caylee,  this must be Damon then. Damon, Maria Caylee and April." i finish saying, and huffed. Damon, Maria, April, and Caylee shook hands. Damon held Caylee's hand a little longer then he should have though... After the game, me, Caleb, Caylee, and Damon, all hung out at Caleb's house. Everyone decided we should watch a scary movie.

"PARANORMAL ACTIVITY!" they all screamed. I told them the movie was scary, but they still wanted to watch the movie.

Caleb whispered to me.

"If you get scared, you can always snuggle with me, love."

When the movie started, i did just that.


a/n: hey my potatoes! how's this chapter? what do you guys think about Damon? please leave a comment below!:) -erin

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