Just A Dream

Everything feels like a dream. I have the perfect boyfriend. I have a great job. And the best friends a girl can ask for. But soon things start to go wrong. I get into a huge fight with my boyfriend, I get fired from my job, and all of my friends are against me. What will I do? Read to find out!


2. Worst Day Ever




                                                                                    Worst Day Ever



    "Rachel, you're fired." My boss Isabel said.


    "WHAT?" How could this be happening? What did I do wrong?


    "Sorry."She said. I stormed out of the office and got in my car. At least I have mine and Harry's anniversary to look forward to. I got to mine and Harry's house and walked in.


    "Harry?"I yelled wondering where he was.


     "I'm in here." He said from the living room. I walked in and found him on the couch. I plopped down next to him.


     "So, are you excited for later?"I asked him.


     "Why? What's later?"He asked.


     I stared at him. He really forgot? I can't believe him!


     "You forgot?"I asked.


     "What? What did I forget?"He asked.


   "Are you serious?"I asked him.


    "Yes. What is it?"He asked curiously.


    "I can't believe you!"I yelled at him.


    "What is it?"He asked.


    "YOU FORGOT OUR ANNIVERSARY!"I yelled. "You're the one that planned everything!"I told him.


    I ran out and got into my car. I drove away from... Him. From everything. I hate this world. I hate everything in it. UGH. I can't believe him. Tears streamed down my face as I drove farther away.

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