Everything About You. (Harry styles fan fiction)

Ruth And Arleen Are Two Best Friends Since 3rd Grade. When Ruth's Mom Buys Meet And Greet Tickets For Her And Arleen What Happens When Ruth Meets Harry?


3. Party. Pt 3 (Hangover)

Ruth's P.O.V


I woke up with the biggest hangover yet! I was trying to figure out what i was doing sleeping in the bathroom. I went downstairs to find my house a mess! 


I remembered that i hosted the biggest party in Malibu. I seen people sleeping all over my house, people i didn't even know. I found my best friend Arleen sleeping on the couch of my living room. I woke her and asked her if she could kick everybody out. Once everybody was out, I cooked breakfast for me and Arleen. We took some Advils hoping they would get rid of our headaches. I looked at the clock and it was already 3:00 P.M.

"What happened last night?"  I asked.

"Dude you were so wasted i had to take you to the bathroom because you kept puking everywhere" Arleen said.

"OMG how embarrassing" I said while blushing in embarrassment.

I called my maid so she could clean my beach house. And of course Arleen and I helped. By the time we were done, It was already time to go to bed. We showered and packed for our trip to Holmes Chapel. 


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