Everything About You. (Harry styles fan fiction)

Ruth And Arleen Are Two Best Friends Since 3rd Grade. When Ruth's Mom Buys Meet And Greet Tickets For Her And Arleen What Happens When Ruth Meets Harry?


2. Party. Pt 2 (Truth Or Dare)


Ruth's P.O.V

Jackson and I were walking to the living room to play truth or dare. We all sat in a big circle i sat between Jackson and Arleen.

"I wanna go first" Arleen said "Okay I dare Nicole to jump in the pool with no clothes on" Arleen said with a cheeky smile. Nicole did as she was told. She started to strip off her clothes while the boys were whistling at her.She jumped in and other people started jumping in as well.This night is great!


Sorry Guys The Chapter Is Short! I Will Post One In Like Idk. But Ill Post One Tonight. I Haven't Uploaded Any Chapters Because I Have Exams In School And Have Been Studying!


p.s comment!!!!


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