Everything About You. (Harry styles fan fiction)

Ruth And Arleen Are Two Best Friends Since 3rd Grade. When Ruth's Mom Buys Meet And Greet Tickets For Her And Arleen What Happens When Ruth Meets Harry?


1. Party. Pt 1


Ruth's P.O.V

It was mine and Arleen's graduation party. We were seniors (12 grade) Yesterday but now we're graduated. I think this is the biggest party yet. You see i'm daddy's girl. I've been daddy's girl ever since my parents divorced. My dad rented me a beach house. I am excited that i finally graduated because 6 years ago when Arleen and i were in 6th grade we made a promise. A promise that we still kept in mind. Our promise was "When we graduate we will move to Holmes Chapel and go to collage their. And nothing will stop us." We were leaving in two days to our dream destination.


"Dance with me!" My best friend Jackson said

"Sure" I said. He was a good friend. He was my best guy friend. We were dancing when the lights went out and the music did too." Truth or Dare in the living room! " This drunk guy said i didn't even know who he was.


"Wanna play Truth or Dare?"Jackson said

"Yeah Lets Go!" I replied



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