Everything About You. (Harry styles fan fiction)

Ruth And Arleen Are Two Best Friends Since 3rd Grade. When Ruth's Mom Buys Meet And Greet Tickets For Her And Arleen What Happens When Ruth Meets Harry?



Ruth's P.O.V

Today was the day that Arleen and I got to meet One Direction. 

"what are you wearing tonight?" Arleen asked 


"This" I said as I came out of the bathroom 

"Nice!" She said "I love it!"

"We should probably get going, it starts in an hour" I said while putting my shoes on.


Once we got our seats, this really tall security guy came and said" Come with me"

Arleen and I looked at each other and we were so terrified, we listened. 

"The concert is starting in 5 minutes, Sir. Will we miss it?" Arleen asked. 

"Im sure you wont miss a thing." The security guard said with a stern voice.

I was paying close attention to my surroundings just in case something bad happened. In my head I was planning for an escape. As we were walking i noticed we were going towards the front of the stage. We walked through a door and i realized that we were going backstage. I was still confused at the fact that we were going backstage when the concert was starting any minute now. "I saw you girls and i figured you would like to meet One Direction, Sorry if i scared you. I wanted it to be a surprise" The security guard said while opening a curtain..

Once he opened the curtain we saw One Direction! 

We hugged everyone and too a picture. 

"One Direction you're on in 60 seconds!" A lady informed them

"Alright lovely, ill see you after the show" Harry said while giving me a kiss on the cheek. I was blushing so hard i looked like a tomato.

I turned around and i saw Arleen hugging Zayn. 

We stayed backstage for the entire concert. We were singing at the top of our lungs!

Once the boys were done they came out and the first thing Niall says is "Im so hungry i could eat a horse!"

"Do you have any plans after this?" Harry asked

"No, Im all free." i replied.

"Well you do know, Hey guys lets go to Nandos!" Harry said excitingly 

"Yes!" Said Niall 



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