Everything About You. (Harry styles fan fiction)

Ruth And Arleen Are Two Best Friends Since 3rd Grade. When Ruth's Mom Buys Meet And Greet Tickets For Her And Arleen What Happens When Ruth Meets Harry?


4. Goodbye California

Ruth's P.O.V

"Ruth wake up today is the big day!" My bestfriend Arleen was so excited to go off to college she woke up an hour before the alarm was set! We got dressed and headed over to our favorite cafe. After we ate breakfast and talked about all our memories here in California, we headed back to my beach house to make sure we weren't forgetting anything. 

Malibu, the place where i grew up since i was 5. My whole life was in this city. Once we were all done last minute packing, my personal driver drove us to the Airport.


After a long flight, we arrived at Homes Chapel. Once we got to our new house, i got a random Facetime call from my mom. 

" Hey honey how was your flight?" she asked

"It was long, But im excited to be here" I responded

"Good, Im glad." There was an awkward pause.. "I left two meet and greet tickets for One Direction tomorrow for you and Arleen" She said

"OMG are you serious?!" I said while jumping up and down

"Yes! Its a little gift from me to you two. Im so proud of you girls for going after your dreams"

"Awe Thank you mom! ill talk to you soon im super tired. I love you so much!" I said while yawning.

"Ok my sweetheart, Goodnight"

I didn't want to hang up the phone but i was so tired! It was 3:00 A.M here in Holmes Chapel Arleen and i got settled in our rooms and tried organizing as much as we could. About 2 hours later we said goodnight and fell asleep.

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