forever and always

Justin bieber and Alyssa vega are in love but what happens when they go to a party and selena gomez shows up read to find out


2. truth or dare

                                                                                      TORI'S P.O.V


we walked over to a hill we sat in a circle I call starting bella said Justin truth or dare she said "dare" he said I dare u too rap your arms around tori's waist I stood up and Justin walked behind me and rapped his arms around me I felt so safe in his arms we stayed like that for a minute and I think bella could tell that I liked it because she told chaz and ryan she had to show them something they walked away I looked at Justin he spun me around our lips inches apart

                                                                                   JUSTIN'S P.O.V

I spun her around our lips inches apart I put my hands on her waist we kissed for about 5 minutes after that when we finally pulled away I asked her too be my girlfriend even though I haven't known her for long I felt like I knew her forever I gave chaz and ryan a look for them to leave after they left bella stood up and said I don't wanna be a third wheel bye Justin and text me later tori tori smiled she had a buetiful smile.after they left tori put her head on my lap we talked for hours when I heard my phone ringing I answered it me:hello mom:hi Justin I am going to aunt debby's for the night so you can have a friend over if you want me:ok thanks mom bye love you ~phone call ends~ I looked at tori hey tori I said to her she looked up at me my mom wont be home tonight do you want to come over I said yah lets go we stood up and walked to my house we layed on the bed and watched a movie she fell asleep in my arms the next moning we woke up and I asked her to come to the party tonight with me yah I would love too she said after we got ready we got in the car and went to the party when we arrived we went inside and I had a few a beers I got drunk tori went to the washroom so I went over to the wall drinking my fifth beer when selena gomez came up to me pushed me into the corner and started making out with me I didn't pull away but I wish I did


(authors note) what do you think should happen should tori leave him or should she forgive him comment what you think thanks


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