forever and always

Justin bieber and Alyssa vega are in love but what happens when they go to a party and selena gomez shows up read to find out


8. starting a faimly


i knew he was serious about me moving in tommrow so i went inn to my room putting all my stuff in boxes i grabbed everything i needed and through out everything i didnt need i then fell asleep looking through all my old photos the next morning i woke up around 11:00 i looked at my phone to see 20 missed calls from justin i called him back me:hey you called? justin:yah im coming over now to move all your stuff into my house me:why so early justin:becouse i made a appioment for you for an ultra sound and its at 2;00 he then hung up and before i knew it there was a knock at the door it was justin he rushed past me and grabbed my boxes and put them all in his truck and we drove off we put all the boxes in his house when we got there we ddidnt put things in there places yet becouse were going to be late for the ultra sound we pulled up at the place we were getting a ultrasound at we waalked in and the guy at the front desk told us to have a seat a girl with a clipboerd came out after that and said tori we are reacdy for you we walked into the room and had a seat


(authors note)the next chapter will be about the ultrasound




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