forever and always

Justin bieber and Alyssa vega are in love but what happens when they go to a party and selena gomez shows up read to find out


6. paparazzi


 when he said we are forever i quickly said forever and ever when we pulled out of the hug he asked me to go to lunch with him i smiled and nodded ok grat go get ready then we will go he said to me i walked to my room and put on white skinny jeans a pink all lace top with a red undershirt when i came out of my room justin was there waiting for me he was so cute i thought to my self


she is so cute i thought to myself i got cought up in my thoughts well are you ready she said to me i smiled and took her to my car i opened the door so she coukd get in she sat in the front and drove when we pulled up at the resturant i held her hand then walked in it was a private resturant becouse if one person recionzed justin bieber so would the rest i had to go get some napkins so i took her hand so she would come with me when we past the window 50 people taking photos were there i put tori behind my back paparazzi i said to her we walked out of the resturant to get to the car but i kept her beihnd my back i wouldnt let them touch her i opened the dorr for her to get in then i drove off fast when we pulled up to my house we sat in the car for a minatue i locked eyes with her im sorry i said to her then kissed her in the middle of the kiss she said its ok when we let go we walked in and put on pajamas we went and sat on the couch we started kissing then making out we went all the way

(authors note) im sorry its short

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