forever and always

Justin bieber and Alyssa vega are in love but what happens when they go to a party and selena gomez shows up read to find out


7. i cant be


 last night was amazing but i rembered we didnt use condoms so just to be safe i grabbed my keys and went to rexall across the street and got a pregnacy test i went home and took the test it said postive i--i-i im pregnet no i cant be but i am i quickly grabbed my phone and dialed justins numer he picked up hello justin i said yes tori r u ok he said to me im pregnat i said its ok we will get through this ok i will book you ultra sound its not ok justin im only 19 i said to him well do you want a kid he said back i dont know i said to him he quickly responed saying we will be amazing perants ok so dont give the child up for adpotion and dont get a abortion iyou can move in tommrwow that will be the start of our family i love you i said to him i love uotoo he said back

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