forever and always

Justin bieber and Alyssa vega are in love but what happens when they go to a party and selena gomez shows up read to find out


4. apoligie


i took a deep breath then walked to her door before i could knock she had already opened the door she just looked at me like i was a stranger i hated that look it was a look of disapoitment she  moved out of the way so i could walk she walked me to her living room then turned around facing me with her arms crossed obivuasly waiting for me to apoligize becouse she wouldnt say anything about a minatue of silence i started to talk.....


i was freaking out when i was in the living room but i refused to show him i was so confused becouse i just cant get the picture of them together out of my head but while i was thinking about that i compently forgot he was standing in front of me i saw his lips begin to move im sorry you are the only one i care about your amzaing i dont know what i was thinking i was drunk if i wasnt i would of never even looked at her she doesnt mean anything to me he said he uncrossed my arms and kissed me he pulled away and i was smiling but then quickly said im still mad he said he had writen a song for me we sat on the couch and got my brothers old guiter and started to sing...

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