forever and always

Justin bieber and Alyssa vega are in love but what happens when they go to a party and selena gomez shows up read to find out


1. first look



I just got off stage from my last concert for my world tour and soon was going to my believe tour but I hade a week till my next tour started so I decided to go home and visit my mom and see my friends I haven't seen Ryan or chaz in awhile it will be nice to see them while I was thinking about this scooter Braun walked in "you all ready Justin" yes I replied "the bus was having some problems so Kenny just took it out for a test drive to make sure it was good to take you home in he will be here in a minute "scooter say before he walked out of the room I got up to get some water when I hear a honk that must be Kenny I said to myself Alison and scoter came in and helped me with my bags we put the bags on the floor of the bus and I said goodbye to Alison and scooter and was ready for Kenny to take me home I grabbed my laptop and went on Facebook one hour later I was tired and went to bed I heard Kenny calling me to tell me I was almost home I went in the front of the bus to look out the window to tell him what house was mine when I saw a girl probably around my age walk into the house beside mine she had long blonde hair just above her waist  bright blue eyes before I knew it we pulled into my drive way it was night time so I went to bed and my mom and Kenny brought in my bags                .~next day~ I woke up and put on my shirt, black jeans and some golden high tops I walked down the stairs where my mom was sitting eating bacon and eggs and she even had a plate out ready for me I gave my mom a kiss on the cheek then I sat down Ryan and chaz called they are coming over in about half an hour to go shoot some hoops with you my mom said to me

after I finished eating I ran outside and Ryan and chaz were coming up my drive way hey man I said to them they both laughed and said hey dude long time no see they stood there staring at me well are we going to shoot some hoops or are we just going to stand here I said to them they laughed and started walking the basketball court was only five minutes away when we got there there were two girls playing at the opposite net.


me and my best friend Bella were shooting some hoops because I never see her I go to a dance high school so I spend all my time dancing so it was nice to see her but while we were shooting hoops a couple of boys walked up I walked up to Bella the one with golden brown eyes is cute I whispered to her she turned around to look at them ryan? she said one of them turned around with a confused look on there face when he saw bella bella? he said they both smiled and ran into a hug me and the two of guys looked at each other weird oh sorry this is ryan we grew up together we always used to come here and play truth or dare together we should play but first what are your names said ryan you girls tell us your names and we will tell you ours im tori im Bella  im ryan  im chaz im Justin I smiled to my self when he said his name was Justin so lets go play truth or dare


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