Hold On *Sequel to Dont Let Go*

They are back! Anne and Ryan are finally reunited after being apart for the summer. In the car, on there way to Annes house, Ryan remembers something. When Anne questions him. He just says that it was nothing. What is Ryan hiding? Read to find out. __-SEQUEL TO Don't Let Go-__


13. Whats our plan

I stared at the window, waiting. Waiting for Ryan. Waiting for the police

that he probably called. Waiting for Adam. Waiting for my dad. But none of them came.  I suddenly heard voices and then my door opened.

    "You have company." The guy said. Ryan suddenly was shoved onto the ground in front of me.

   "This is perfect." The guy laughed.

   "Fuck you Thomas." Ryan spit. That was his name. I must have forgotten.

   "Watch it!" He snapped as he left. He closed the door. Ryan quickly scooted up to me. They had beat the shit out of him and they tied him up. What the fuck. I helped Ryan sit up and I quickly untied him.

   "Look at you. What happened?" I asked.

   "I fucked up Anne." He started to cry.

   "What do you mean."

   "I got caught. We are all screwed. And you and I. I destroyed that too." He choked.

  "No, Ryan. Now that your here it'll be easier to escape. And you and I. Ryan, I always loved you and I still do. You didn't destroy anything." I said softly. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me.

  "So, what's our plan?" He asked

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