Hold On *Sequel to Dont Let Go*

They are back! Anne and Ryan are finally reunited after being apart for the summer. In the car, on there way to Annes house, Ryan remembers something. When Anne questions him. He just says that it was nothing. What is Ryan hiding? Read to find out. __-SEQUEL TO Don't Let Go-__


9. Please Speak To Me

Ryan walked out of his room and looked at me as I sat on the couch

watching tv. He slowly came over to me and sat down. He rested his hand on my shoulder and tried to kiss my cheek. I smacked his hand and stood up. I started toward the bedroom. Ryan quickly ran up and  pulled on my arm forcing me to turn around and face him. He had tears pouring down his face.

    "Please Anne! Please! I am sorry I didn't tell you about that guy. I didn't think he would go after you at first. Then when you came back I realized that you were another way he could hurt me. Never did I think he would go after Bethany. Hell, I  didn't know he knew Bethany. Anne I was trying to keep you safe. You had just gotten home and I wanted to make sure that all the worries went away. Please speak to me. I need to hear your voice." He cried.

   "If you wanted to keep me safe, you should have told me." I said. With that he let me go and I walked into the bedroom.

I laid on the bed staring at the ceiling. I missed Bethany. I was

pissed at Ryan. My dad and Brother went on a hunt for Bethany and made me stay with Ryan until they got back. The bastard that has Bethany swore revenge on Ryan. God knows what the bitch who was with him is going to do. And I'm stuck here. I cant do anything about it.

I looked over at my phone that was going off the hook. I picked it up.

    "Hi." I said.

    "Hi Anne. I heard about Bethany." May said.


    "Well I hope she is okay." She sighed.

    "I do too."

    "Well I am on my way to see you. You cant stop me. Im going to make things right between us." And then she hung up. Fabulous. Now May is coming over. Why now.

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