Hold On *Sequel to Dont Let Go*

They are back! Anne and Ryan are finally reunited after being apart for the summer. In the car, on there way to Annes house, Ryan remembers something. When Anne questions him. He just says that it was nothing. What is Ryan hiding? Read to find out. __-SEQUEL TO Don't Let Go-__


1. I'm coming home..

I sat in the car, starring out the window. We suddenly jolted to a stop.

    "Hurry up Anne!" My cousin yelled. I quickly jumped out of the car and grabbed my stuff from the back. I stood looking around. I heard a familiar voice and quickly turned around. Just a little less than 10 feet away, stood my love. He looked at me and smiled. I dropped my bags and ran. I ran right to him. As soon as I felt his strong arms around me, I buried my head in his chest.

     "Ryan I missed you so much!" I cried.

     "I missed you too." He said sweetly. I missed his sweet voice. I missed his smell. I missed his big blue eyes. I missed him.

He helped me put my stuff in his car. After that we obviously got into the car. He reached over

and held my hand. I looked at him and smiled.

        "God, I love you." He said.

        "Damn, You got some biceps." I replied. "I meant to say, I love you too." I stuttered quickly. Ryan laughed and kissed my hand. I smiled.

          "Fuck." He sighed.

          "Nothing." I looked at him with a confused look. He just smiled at me. I shook it off and continued to stare at his eyes.


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