Hold On *Sequel to Dont Let Go*

They are back! Anne and Ryan are finally reunited after being apart for the summer. In the car, on there way to Annes house, Ryan remembers something. When Anne questions him. He just says that it was nothing. What is Ryan hiding? Read to find out. __-SEQUEL TO Don't Let Go-__


12. Holding on

I see why he wanted to protect me. He didn't want any of this to

happen. I couldn't call the police because I was afraid of what they would do to Bethany.  My phone went off and I looked down at it.

Ryan: I'm calling.

 Suddenly my phone started ringing.  

   "Can you try and see where you are." He asked.

   "Umm, yeah I'll see if there are any windows. And there are." I looked out the window and saw two street signs. They are such idiots. First they don't tie me up and then they chose to put me in a room with a small window and two street signs in front of it. Wow.

    "Do you know where BroadStreet is?" I asked.

    "Anne I know exactly where you are." He said. I took a deep breath and smiled.

    "Please hurry." I said.

    "I love you." He said and then he hung up. I slipped the phone into my pocket and turned to face the door. I knew it was locked. That's the one thing that they didn't fail to do.

    "I'm coming Bethany. This time I promise." I whispered to myself. I slid down the wall and sat on the floor. I started to cry. I heard a door open and then my door. In walked May and Bethany. I quickly sat up.

    "You have five minutes." She said. Bethany ran up to me and hugged me.

    "Oh my god your okay." I cried. Bethany kissed my forehead.

    "I missed you Anne." Her small voice chirped. I hugged Bethany for the rest of our fie minutes.


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