Hold On *Sequel to Dont Let Go*

They are back! Anne and Ryan are finally reunited after being apart for the summer. In the car, on there way to Annes house, Ryan remembers something. When Anne questions him. He just says that it was nothing. What is Ryan hiding? Read to find out. __-SEQUEL TO Don't Let Go-__


6. Hero

       I sat on the bed I Ryan's arms. He sang to me as he rubbed circles on my back. I took deep breaths until I calmed down.

   "What happens in those nightmares?" He asked.

   "I told you. Its that guy in those pictures. He keeps following me in the nightmares." I replied. He sighed and rested his chin on the top of my head. I moved my head so he would move his chin. I looked up at him.

   "Have you ever been so scared, that you feel as if the only thing you can do, is let go?" I questioned. He sighed and looked down at me.

   "Yeah, but then I met you."

   "I saved you?"

   "Yes. But I did the same for you. I guess you can say, that we are each others hero's." He said.

   "Yeah." I started to feel better, until I heard a crackling noise. I looked up at the mirror that was against the wall. There stood what looked like Bethany.

   "Do you see that?" I asked.

   "See what?" He replied looking in the direction I was. The figure faded away.

   "Ryan turn on the lights." He looked at me confused.

   "Now!" I yelled. He jumped up and turned the lights on.

   "She was just there! I swear. What the fuck!" I was so confused. He crawled back onto the bed and grabbed my face forcing me to look at him.

   "Stop. You're scaring me." He said in a worried tone. I sat there lost in my thoughts. When I finally understood his words I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. The last thing needed was for him to be anymore worried.

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