Finally Here

Kait is just a good girl, straight A's, she plays sports, and has her own little circle of friends. Life is good in her small town, until her dad, a man who manages One Direction's money, asks her to complete a favor. The favor seems easy enough until she finds herself caught up in something she never expected to happen. Can she ever look at One Direction the same again? What will she uncover? And, will she ever be the same again?


1. Just a Normal Day

                                   I awoke to a buzzing pounding in my ear drums.  The noise had interrupted my dream, which had been going quite well.  I opened my eyes and blinked them several times, trying to piece together the blur of a world that was before me.  I could finally make out the red blobs of digital numbers on my clock; it was six o'clock in the morining.  It was the first Monday of the summer.

  "Crap," I muttered to myself.  I swung my hand and fiddled with the top of the clock, trying to find the snooze button.  Once the alarm had stopped, I tried to close my eyes and go back to sleep.  I rolled around in bed for about five minutes until I finally surrendered, and climbed out of bed.  I sauntered down the stairs and into the kitchen.  I poured myself a bowl of cereal and sat at the table to eat, it was just like every morning.  But then, the door opened.  As soon as I heard the creek of the door, my heart began racing as I grabbed a phone and hid.  I knew it wasn't my parents; they were usually at work by this time.  I waited behind a wall as the footsteps progressed towards me.  Closer and closer, louder and louder and--

  "Dad?" I asked to the man who appeared from the hallway next to me.  He was dressed up in his work attire; black pin stripe suit, and a red tie down the middle of his white dress shirt.  He always had to look perfect each day-- he was a banker for Modest Management.  It just so happened that Modest Management had sighned One Direction about a year back, well, actually my father.  So, now, my dad was in charge of their money, but he never actually met them.  Nor have I ever met them, if that was one of the thoughts going through your head.  But a girl can dream.  My Dad looked over at me, confused, probubly because of what time it was.  However, he looked as if he was in a rush.

  "Hey!  Kait, could you do me a favor, and bring this briefcase to this address?" My Dad asked as he sped up his tone because of the rush he was in.  He held out a tiny, scrap piece of paper and a silver briefcase, and handed them both to me.  Of course, he never waited for me to answer was always that way.  He would always boss me around because he was used to doing it, but since I was an only child, I had my share of defending myself.                                 

    “Thanks, you’re a lifesaver!”  My Dad kissed my forehead, and rushed out the door.  Then, I was alone.  I finished my breakfast and took a shower.  I changed to get ready to deliver this briefcase thing, so that I didn’t have to worry about it the rest of the day.  I slipped on a peach top that was covered with lace.  At the top it was spaghetti strapped, and had two tiny pieces of fabric layered on top of each other with a flower design.  The bottom of the shirt had an elastic band on the inside, so the shirt was very airy; not too tight to the skin.  I threw on some ripped short shorts, and my pink flip-flops.  I put my hair up into a French braid, put a peach, lace hairband in, and stared at myself in the mirror.  My long, brown hair was resting on my right shoulder in a braid.  My brown eyes looked tired today; but it didn't make much of a difference.  I hated having brown eyes because of how boring they were.  But, at least I had long eye lashes that accented them.  I did one last full body check,and was out of the door.                     

       Once I was in my yellow punch-buggy, I examined the address that was written in my Dad’s all-capitol letter hand writing.  I put the address into my iPhone and backed out of the drive way.  I was off on my first day of summer… at 7 am.  Oh joy.

       Once I arrived, an old, abandoned warehouse lay pathetically before me.  It had graffiti spattered all over its walls, and its ugly grey paint was chipping.  The harbor behind the warehouse had not one ship docked there, it was just abandoned.  Yet, I entered the building anyway.  There had to be at least a billions of wooden crates, with all sorts of red markings enscribed on them.  I almost dropped the briefcase and left, but I wanted to search the place a bit.  I mean, I had nothing else to do today, and my Dad never said I couldn’t walk around.  I sauntered along around the building, viewing all of the shelves piled with crates.  One crate caught my eye; the top had been opened, and pieces of packing peanuts had fallen on the ground around the crate.  I walked closer to the crate, and put my hand out to touch it, but the top of the crate shook, then a man popped out of the top.

“AHH!” I yelped.

“Put your hands up!”  A guy with a black ski mask pointed a gun straight at my face.  I placed both of my hands up in the air, as the guy climbed out of the crate.  He made his way over to me, the gun still pointed at my face.

“Oh my God, please don’t hurt me.  I was sent here by my Dad…a-a and he is just this banker guy an-” I remarked, as a tear streamed down my face.

“Quiet!” he replied, trying to silence me, “just hand over the briefcase and everything will be okay,” the man sounded a bit aggrivated.

“Oh, yeah, I don’t even know what’s inside,” I stated as I wiped the tears from my eyes.  I almost handed him the briefcase, but I stopped myself.

 “Why aren’t you giving it to me?” he questioned.

“I want to know who you are first,” I commented.

“Then, can I have the briefcase?” The man interrogated.

“Well I guess, because that’s why I came here in the first place,” I replied.

“Fine.  You want to know who I am?” he removed the ski mask to reveal his face…




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