Finally Here

Kait is just a good girl, straight A's, she plays sports, and has her own little circle of friends. Life is good in her small town, until her dad, a man who manages One Direction's money, asks her to complete a favor. The favor seems easy enough until she finds herself caught up in something she never expected to happen. Can she ever look at One Direction the same again? What will she uncover? And, will she ever be the same again?


2. I Never Liked Surprises

The man brought his hand up to the top of his head. His shaggy black hair was struin out all over the top of his head like waves in the ocean. I immediately recognized his face. His chiseled jaw bone, tinted black with stubble. All around his peach colored lips was black stubble, all the way under his nose. His nose was long and flared out at the end of it, and his cheek bones were very prevalent. His eyes, that was one of the main ways that I could tell this man was who he was. His eyes were a perfect, deep brown, and they glittered in any light he was exposed to. These were the eyes of Zayn Malik.
I almost screamed, but I knew I had to hold it in, considering I had no idea who else was in this warehouse. Instead, I asked him questioned him, "what are you doing here, and how did you, Zayn Malik, know I was going to be here?"
"Well, I'll show you what's going on here. Allow me to explain," he smirked deviously. Soon he rushed over to me and put his arm around my neck. Now I was just confused.
"W-what are you doing?!" I asked, as my voice shook in fear.
"Let me show you why you were sent here," he grunted as he struggled to keep my wriggling body in his grasp. He shoved me forward as we walked through the maze of the warehouse. We finally reached a metal door at the end of a hallway. Zayn kicked it open as we both walked inside. Inside, it was dark and a chill from a ac vent above us sent a chill through my spine. I heard a click come from behind me, and then a light bulb covered with a rusted lamp shade flickered on. We were in a tiny room with light boxes and all sorts of switches. Then Zayn led me out of a tiny opening in the wall to the left of me, into another room. This room was a lot larger than the last, filled with shelves and shelves of crates, boxes, and junk. However, below all over the clutter was three lumps covered with a cream coloured sheet over each of them. The lumps caved in at the centre, which made me afraid to find out what was underneath each sheet.
"Don't you worry, I've got you covered," Zayn chuckled sarcastically.
"You're crazy. What the hell happened to you?" I questioned.
"Wel--... Nothing. Nothing happened to me. You stay right there, just give me a second to show you exactly what is under these sheets," Zayn explained. I stayed where I was not only because he told me to, but because I was curious to know what was under those sheets. Zayn walked over the lumps. He paused for a moment with his large hand gripping the thin fabric of the sheet, and smirked at my anxiousness. He finally ripped the sheet away, whipping it behind him. I couldn't believe my eyes. Why would he do such a thing? The even bigger question was; how? The whole thought of this made my stomach turn, but I had to see them. "Madi! Maeve!" I ran over to the two of my best friends. Madi was about an inch or two higher in the wooden chair she was tied to than maeve, she was like a giraffe compared to all of us. Her long blonde hair was down, like she always had it. Her ocean blue eyes shined with a light of despair, it made me feel sick that some kind of mad man did this to her, and maeve. Maeve's face was a bright red colour which made the freckles on her face stand out. I couldn't blame her, she was always getting burned because of her Irish skin. Her brown hair was down, yet it looked perfect as it always did. Her bangs were dangling down over an eye, covering it. The other eye was the colour as deep as the Atlantic with streaks the colour of steel. Her glasses glared over her eyes, filled with worry. Neither of them were able to talk because of rhe cloth covering their mouths. Neither of them could move either, because of the bands that toed them to the chairs. I ran over to them as quick as I could, preparing to reassure them with a hug. But, I large hand covered my chest, stopping me from advancing toward them any further.
"Where do you think you're going?" Zayn chuckled, "you cannot touch these girls or go any where near them is that clear?"
"Yes, but how'd they get here?"
"They were asked to bring me a briefcase as well, and they decided to wander around just as you did. You'll end up just like them I'm sure," Zayn smirked and walked over to the next lump. I had been so caught up in madi and maeve that I hadn't even realised that Zayn had more captives. I prepared for more of my friends, but something-- someone-- much worse was there. I could recognise their faces anywhere, any day. The bleach blonde hair, which was slowly falling out of his quiff. His blue eyes glittering in the light. It was Niall Horan. I couldn't believe Zayn did this to his own band mate, and he was smiling. But, there was still another figure behind him, sure enough, it was Liam Payne. This was crazy, what the hell could have happened to Zayn? It was like he went to a madhouse, going in sane, coming out mad. I just wanted to vomit in my mouth, because god forbid I vomit on the captives. Or just the biggest superstars of all time! I wanted to celebrated, but I just couldn't, I couldn't celebrate at a time like this... I couldn't believe it still wasn't over, there was still one more lump. I couldn't even guess, or begin to guess, who was inside there. The last sheet was pulled up, revealing someone I couldn't stand to see. Their face had wet lines along their cheeks, they had been crying. Their hair appearing to be the thistle, shaggy and frizzy, from all their movement. Their wrists were bright red, revealing all of their movement in the ropes. Their face was just devistating, as well as all the others, but theirs just looked like they were dying, and suffering gravely. I looked away, I just couldn't stare at him that way. His curly mop sitting askew at the top of his head. His emerald green eyes twinkling in despair and filled with worry. It was Harry styles whom I have been crying about, him, who had done nothing, yet was now in cuffs before me. I couldn't take these games anymore. With Zayn behind me, and the briefcase in me hand, I whipped it around, to hit him in the... Well ya know... He fell to the ground right, after the briefcase, with a thud. I ran over to maeve and madi, undoing their ropes on their hands and feet, they could do their mouths themselves. I did the same for Niall and Liam, shaking from the excitement and fear of the situation. I had almost finished undoing Harry's cuffs, when Zayn leaped back on his feet. He held the briefcase in his hand with a wide smirk across his face. "I wouldn't celebrate just yet, I still have this,"Zayn waved the briefcase in his hands. "You'll never win, just face it," He laughed as he began running. He ran past all of us as we jst stood there, watching him get away. I almost went after him, but it wasn't worth it, he was too fast. I scanned the room back and forth, in disbelief. One Direction, Zayn had just kidnapped me and my friends, all for a stupid freaking dress. I looked at everyone then I spoke,
"What's going on?" But before I got an answer the world went black.
I woke up to a circle of faces crowding over me.
"Dammit," I said getting up "he got away. Excuse my language," I stated
"It's alright... But that's not what we're worried about," Liam said, worried.
"Did I faint? Because now I'm sure I look like a total fan girl. " I questioned.
"Yeah, you just like, passed out. But I guess considering the circumstances you're not really a fanfirl," Niall explained.
"Thanks. I'm Kait, by the way." I said.
"We'll you obviously know us," a voice shouted, it was Maeve.
"Oh my god guys!" I exclaimed as I ran over to them. I squeezed Madi near her waist that was as high as my short body could reach on her much taller figure. I went over to maeve and hugged her too.
"I can't believe Zayn did this to you guys, he's insane. Are you guys okay?" I questioned.
"Yea we're fine. Just kinda scared of Zayn I guess," madi said, always sounding confused no matter what the circumstance was.
"I think Madi proves a point," Maeve started.
"What? What did I do?" Madi asked. Niall chuckled at her as she talked.
"You gave me an idea. " maeve explained," we need to go after Zayn. We have no idea what's in that briefcase, and it's not fair to ask the whole world to find out." Maeve continued.
"I'll go," I added.
"I'm in," Niall said.
"Me too!" Liam exclaimed.
"Why not," Madi stated. Niall giggled again, he really liked Madi, for once today, I could smile for just that moment. "C'mon, there's no sense in waiting, we just need a starting point. Kait, where'd you get that briefcase?" Maeve was in her determined state, but this version of Maeve came with a price, she became pretty pushy. I followed her orders, because I certainly wasn't going to test her, so I answered,

"I got it from my dad.  He wanted me to bring it here this morning," I began.

"Okay, so I guess we need to go to your house," Maeve sighed.
"Wait," I started, "we can't just find Zayn unarmed" I reasoned, "he had a gun, and I don't think he just magically made it disappear." I joked.
"You're right. We need to find some sort of weapon, or at least something to protect us," Liam agreed.
"Yeah but where are we gonna find something like that?" Niall questioned. All of us stopped to think for a minute about where exactly we could find anything to help us. I had no idea, I never liked any kind of dangerous thing, whether it was a knife or gun. So how was a girl like me supposed to have one? The thought of having to use one of them just made realize we were dealing with some pretty scary stuff. I sat there, worrying, until Madi interrupted all of our thoughts. She had been off in the distance looking at all of the crates in the warehouse, but she became stumbling, over her own legs, towards us.
"Why can't we just check the crates for stuff?" Madi asked as she pointed back at the crates she had been looking at.
"Madi. You're a genius!" Maeve exclaimed. "But, there's so many of them, how are we supposed to find anything any time soon?" Maeve's tone had gone from extatic to annoyed and frustrated in almost two seconds. That was Maeve for you. There we were, stuck, yet again. We all just sat there stumped, I couldn't believe how lazy we were. It was actually kind of amusing to think about what we looked like. Just then, a noise came from somewhere in the room. There it was again. It was a really deep sound, and was almost like a grunt. Then another noise came, but it sounded like someone saying "I row". No, it sounded like "I low." No that wasn't it either... it was "I know"!
"You guys heard that too, right?" Madi asked, confused.
"Yeah, where is it--"Maeve was interrupted by the noise.
"Guys." I said bluntly. I ran over to who was making the noise. It was Harry. I unknotted the tight rope around his ankles, and threw it behind me. I went to each wrist and untied each knot he had suffocating his wrists. As I was untying the rope on his wrists I took a look at his hands. They were huge, but they looked so soft. Each one dangled off the edge of the arms of the chair they were tied to. I just wanted them to envelope my tiny hands. Once I was done with them however, I started to undo the bandana tied at the back of Harry's head that covered his mouth. His plump lips had been revealed. They were a soft salmon color, and looked chapped, probably from a lack of moisture from the bandana. I longed to change the dry state of his lips, and found myself biting my own lip. Thank god he still had his eyes covered, I didn't want him to know he had always been my favorite. I knew he liked hard-to-get girls, so that's how it would stay. I untied the bandana around his eyes and his emerald eyes opened before mine. They were absolutely stunning. The solid jade colour behind all of the stay of mint green clouds trapped inside his eyes. I backed away to prevent any awkwardness between us.
"Thanks," Harry said slower than usual, he was staring at me... almost as if he was in awe. But he couldn't have been, could he? No...he could never fall for a classic brown haired brown eyed girl. Then I realized I hadn't said anything back to Harry,
"No problem. I'm Kait by the way. What were you trying to say before? We heard you trying to tell us something." I explained.
"Yeah." Harry started, he was still staring at me with those deep, green eyes. I shied away from his gaze, attempting to hide my rosy cheeks. I tried to look over at everyone else, to cover up my shyness. But, I felt harry tap my arm gently, attempting to get my attention. His warm touch tingled my skin, and sent goosebumps hugging my entire body. His hand was now by his side, but his touch lingered on my arm, the warmth still grasping the skin on my arm. I turned to look at him though I was still embarrassed that I had revealed my timid side to him.
"I was trying to say I know where to get the weapons we need. When Zayn took me in, he grabbed his gun from a crate over there," Harry placed his large hand on my back, turning my body to face a row of crates. His hand was cupped, so I could feel the pads of his fingers on back. They were touching my back in some sort sensitive area, because the touch of them almost caused my body to shutter in delight. Every area of my body was feeling the warmth that was radiating from Harry's gentile hand. I was so distracted by his hand that I didn't even realize he had continued talking. I started listening in, hoping I could pick up a few things.
"Right, so the crate is in the w section. Let's just check the boxes for anything" Harry stated. He pat my back, signaling me to walk forward, and removed his hand from my back. My back felt so bare without his hand there and I just wanted him to rub my back some more. But, I had to follow him. We walked towards some of the crates along with Madi, Maeve, Niall, and Liam walked with us. Harry walked towards the crates, searching for the crate with any sort of weapons. The rest of us stood where we were, waiting for Harry to find anything, madi and I stood next to eachother. I felt a bony elbow jab into my arm, madi.
"Soo you and Harry," madi whispered as she raised and lowered her eyebrows, nudging me.
"What about 'me and Harry," I said mocking her tone of voice. Madi stood there with her eyebrows lowered over her baby blue eyes. Her lips were framed in a semi-smile; it was Madi's 'you've got to be kidding me' face.
"Okay, fine. I'll admit he does like to be near me. Which really is a great thing because I've been waiting for like ever for him to ever notice me or ever like meet me, or touch me, and he's done like all these things, but he'd never like me or he's gonna break my heart. Orrrr he's gonna just like act like he likes me or something. But anyway, I can't show him I like him," I gasped for air after spitting out all of my feelings to madi.
"Kait. Chill," Madi chuckled, " just be yourself. Kay?" Madi tried to calm me. Harry then came down from one of the metal shelves with a crate cradled in his arms. The box appeared to be heavy because the muscles in Harry's arms were bulging, revealing toned biceps. He plopped the crate on the ground as sawdust and dust came flying off it.
"Does anyone have an idea for opening this?" Harry questioned.
"Well, when Zayn was in one it looked like he just," I stopped for a second and just pulled off the lid, and separated it from the lower half of the box. "Took the top off," I finished.
"Oh, we'll now I just feel stupid," Harry replied.
"We'll you look stupid too," Madi mumbled under her breath sarcastically. Niall started cracking up with his contagious laugh. He looked at madi, blue eyes gleaming with desire. His crystal white teeth shining, illuminating his smile.
"Okay, so it looks like we've got some sort of official box, or something to me," Liam commented smartly, as he did regularly. I could tell maeve wanted him. She wanted him bad. She kept flipping her hair from side to side, smiling and giggling along with Liam whenever she got the chance. On top of it all, she kept mouthing "he's so hot," and shaking her head in disbelief, every five seconds. Liam continued his thought,"I think only one of us needs the actual gun. I reckon the rest of us can just get the gadgets... you know to like... help us I guess," Liam explained. As he spoke his eyebrows hovered over his brown puppy dog eyes, making him appear to be so innocent in such a rough situation.
"Madis not getting the gun!" Maeve and I both shouted in unison.
"That's probubly a good idea," Niall tried to talk in a normal voice, but his chuckling began to peek through his tone.
"Yeah, I like my foot the way it is," Harry continued.
"Why are we talking about feet?" Madi turned away from the box to face all of us huddled around her, Harry and I were in the middle so we were directly in front of her, both of us laughing so hard we began to cry. I looked to the right of us Liam and maeve began laughing together. However, on our left Niall was curled up in a ball laughing his lungs out. His eyes swelling with tears, his face bright red, blue veins popping out of the sides of his head near his temples.
Once we pulled ourselves together, Liam spoke.
"I think Harry should get the gun, and the rest of us can pick any sort of thigamabobber from this box," Liam suggested.
"Sure," Harry said in that deep, rich accent he had. It was funny how one word could make a girl melt; I felt so pathetic.
Harry leaned down to get his weapon, an his toned back was revealed. I couldn't stand it, he was perfect to me, and even if he has some imperfections, it was what made him who he was. And he was all I wanted; no, he was what I needed. I was brought back to Earth when Madi tried to get my attention,
"Kait, you okay there?" Madi questioned .
"Wh-what?" My gaze left Harry, and I turned my head to Madi. "I'm fine, just checking out..." I tried to improvise, "what's in the box," I covered up.
"Or, maybe you're checking what's outside of the box?" Madi asked deviously.
"Okay, fine. I admit it I was staring at Harry," I just realised that my voice had gotten really loud right then, and of course, an awkward silence decided to sneak its way into that exact moment. I felt eyes staring at me, like their gave was burning through my skin, at least Harry wasn't looking at me. Maeve , Liam, and Niall just stood there, their eyes never leaving me.
"Uhh," Maeve questioned, chuckling.
Niall and Madi then started laughing simotaniously. They both looked at each other, and just started laughing even harder together. They looked so cute together, and Madi was actually shorter than a guy, for once. Admist all of this of Harry had no idea what the heck was going on, with a puzzlers look on his face he asked us,"what?" He looked around at all of us laughing even harder than before."seriously," he started to chuckle,"why are you laughing?"
"Niall farted," Liam stated blaintly.
"Niall! Really! This isn't a time to try and get these girls to think you're cute by farting!" Harry explained semi-sarcastically, but he was also a little agitated, probubly because it seemed like we were laughing hysterically for almost nothing.
"Why do I h--" Niall began, but Liam cupped his hand over his mouth. Immediately after that, Liam pulled his hand away.
"Eww! Niall you can't just lick my hand. That's gross!" Liam complained, wiping his hand on his jeans, disgusted.
"you guys are scaring me," Harry stated, a little muttled and worried with this whole situation.
All of us walked towards the crate, examined it and chose what we wanted. I was lucky enough to get the least violent things; a grappling hook, and some sort of pen thing. Maeve and Liam both got mini computers, that only they would have any idea how to use. Niall and Madi both got a tiny flippy think that almost looked like concealer, I had no clue what it was, but it almost looked like it had some sort of computer screen on the inside of it. I really honestly had no idea why they got something that I didnt even understand myself, how were they supposed to understand what it was? It was actually kind of funny to me that they got one of the most complicated things.
"Can we just go now?" Maeve whined.
"What's the rush, it's kind of fun here," Niall laughed.
"NO!!!" Everyone chimed in, and with that, all of us had left the abandoned warehouse.

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