In love with a teacher

This story is about a girl who's in love with her mathematics teacher. And how her feelings become deeper and stronger. She found these feelings when she were on a camp with her class. On the camp she went through a canoe accident, and when she needed help the most, her teacher was there for her.


2. a pounding heart

Something pounded on my window. I got up quickly. Opened my curtains. Goddamn  it was the storm. I didn't know what i expected to be outside pounding on my window. But I sure as hell expected something other than this.


Went to the bathroom, put my make up on, brush my teeth and went to school. The first thing I did as I walked out of my house was to put my headphones on, as usually. This time it was different. I didn't walk to school, I got picked up by a friend, because we had to go to a camp, and I had a big suitcase with me. My mom said I had to have it with me. I went in to her truck, put my seat belt on and I turned my music on. I had never been so exited to go to a camp ever before.


We came to the school. The first thing I heard coming into the school was a stupid comment about my suitcase. Everybody looked at me. It felt like everybody looked at me because I was naked. I looked down to check. I looked up again, I had clothes on. Luckily.


I sat down, talked to my friends and looked around. There he was. David. My mathematics teacher. The first thing he did was comment my suitcase. And then came the foolishness smile. I couldn't wait to come to the camp. Be with David for two hole days. It was going to be so much fun. It was going to be the best camp ever. I couldn't wait any longer. My heart began pounding. Just the thought of being with him for two days was enough for my heart. 

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