In love with a teacher

This story is about a girl who's in love with her mathematics teacher. And how her feelings become deeper and stronger. She found these feelings when she were on a camp with her class. On the camp she went through a canoe accident, and when she needed help the most, her teacher was there for her.


6. a non forgetting chok

Two of my roomies were in the room. One sat on the bed straigthening the other ones hair. I sat on the bed. When I came in the room there came this cloud over us. Like the mood was subdued. I tried to make some small talk but it didn't get me anywhere. With my friends I was the funny one, with the sarcastic comments, like Chandler in Friends, but only female. I tried to think of something funny that had happen. Then it got me. When we were in the boat that was floating out in the open sea, my friend was so scared once that she turned to me and yelled something, I only saw this huge bugbear right under her nose and I began to laugh really hard. I almost wet my self. I said it to her and we all began to laugh. The cloud had disapeared. Finally.


Me and my friends were together all that day. We talked about everything and nothing. But still I couldn't forget about David. When he opened my suit and held his hand against my back, it was like an electric chok went through my body, and everytime I thought of it, it came back. How could I forget his calming voice when he said everything was going to be allright? His hand? His interest for my best? His caring heart? I could never forget that.



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