In love with a teacher

This story is about a girl who's in love with her mathematics teacher. And how her feelings become deeper and stronger. She found these feelings when she were on a camp with her class. On the camp she went through a canoe accident, and when she needed help the most, her teacher was there for her.


4. a non dangerous experience

David came running over to us. I couldn't think of anything, just tried to catch my breath again. The only thing I heard was someone saying wait. It was David. He jumped into the water, walked towards me and opened my suit. It was like finally I could breath. He helped me out of the boat. I began to walk away. David asked me to wait, but I couldn't. I was in chock. I tried to walk over to the house to take of my suit. It was stuck on my skin. It was like the suit wanted to become a part of me. I couldn't breath.


He ran over to me. He said it would help if I laid my head on his chest. I could hear him breathing. It calmed my heart. He walked me over to the girls locker room. Then it began again. I couldn't catch my breath. I began crying. I couldn't get out of the suit. It became harder for me to breath. David came into the girls locker room. He put his arm around me and helped me take of my shoes. I began taking my suit of. I couldn't care less if anyone saw me. I just had to get out of the suit. David walked out of the locker room. Another teacher entered the locker room.


I took my clothes on and began to walk home again. It was still hard for me to catch my breath. I had never been through something like this before. It was all new for me. And I had no idea how to handle it. This other teacher talked about how it wasn't dangerous. And how they would have helped us if it was dangerous. I couldn't care less if it wasn't dangerous. I was scared. We all in the boat thought we were going to die. You should go talk to somebody else about what isn't and what is dangerous. Because it was sure as hell dangerous. The water was deeper than you would imagine. The waves were stronger and bigger than you would imagine. If one of us jumped out of the boat it would sure as hell be dangerous. Don't you dare come to me and talk about how it wasn't dangerous. If it helped your conscience than you could say it as often as you wanted. I just wanted to slap my teachers face. I was like they only thought about how if would affect them if somebody heard about the accident. They didn't think about how it affected us in the boat. I didn't know if the other girls took it as hard as I, but I was so scared.


The first thing I did was to take a shower. Washed the disgusting seawater away. I couldn't stop thinking about if we died out there. In the middle of no where. I took clothes on and walked towards my room. The first face I saw was Davids. He seemed worried. We had eye contact.

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