In love with a teacher

This story is about a girl who's in love with her mathematics teacher. And how her feelings become deeper and stronger. She found these feelings when she were on a camp with her class. On the camp she went through a canoe accident, and when she needed help the most, her teacher was there for her.


3. a cry for help

To get to the camp we had to take a bus. My friends and I wanted to sit at the back of the bus, because there we could all fit in. We were so many and it was important for us all to sit together. The teachers came in to count the students. David came twice to count. I couldn't stop looking at him. He was just the cutest ever. No one was as exited as I was. Me and him for two hole days. I had to get the most out of the time I had with him.


The first half of the way in bus was like funny and we all sang songs and stuff. The other half of the way was boring, I couldn't to get to the camp. My friends didn't stop singing before we were at the camp. It was so annoying to listen to. When I tried to sleep we reached our destination. I jumped out of my seat and took my suitcase and went straight away to a room. I ended up sharing a room with tree of my best friends, so it couldn't get any better. We unpacked all our suitcases and made it feel like at home. When we came there was clean and nice, when we had been there for less than five minutes it was like a bomb was released. There were no heads and tails.


We had to choose some activities for the evening. I choose to go out with at canoe. I was so exited, and so was my friend. We went down to put these clothing on you have to wear if you want to go out canoeing. They were so tight  It was really hard getting into these clothing. They were wet, cold and sticky all at the same time. We were all set to go. We picked a canoe and some boys brought it out. It was cold and the waves were big. And it was very windy all at the same time. David pushed us out and we began paddling away from the beach. There was this like yellow box that we shouldn't cross. We just paddled for a while. When we tried to turn around again, it didn't work. By then we found out that we had crossed the yellow box. It was like there came a fear over me and a friend. My friend lost her paddle. We only had one paddle now. The third girl in the boat was like calm and tried to comfort us. My friend and I began praying to God. We were so afraid. We cried. The water was really deep. We were in the middle of no where. We had no life jackets. We tried to wave to David and the others standing on the beach. They were like, ooh, they're waving. I yelled for help. They couldn't hear us. They didn't hear anything. We were just floating out to the big sea.


Then suddenly my friend yelled that we should turn around in the boat. Then it clicked. We turned around. I took the paddle and began to paddle us to the shore. I was so afraid we were going to hit a rock and drown. I imagined my funeral. I hadn't said goodbye to my parents. To my siblings. To David. This couldn't be the end of my life. All these thoughts kept me going. I didn't stop paddling  As we came closer and closer to the shore, all our friends came to help. I began laughing. Then I began crying. Then suddenly I couldn't breath. I cried for help. Cried for somebody to help me. 

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