In love with a teacher

This story is about a girl who's in love with her mathematics teacher. And how her feelings become deeper and stronger. She found these feelings when she were on a camp with her class. On the camp she went through a canoe accident, and when she needed help the most, her teacher was there for her.


1. a contagious smile

I woke up in my bed. A storm was outside. No surprise, there was always a storm here. I had to get a shower before going to school. I smelled. My thoughts were flying in my head. I don't know what I was thinking and what I wasn't thinking. There were no heads and tails. Everything just came at once. I turned the shower of. When I entered the bathroom, it was like the cold came sneaking from behind. I hurried to get my clothes on. My hair was still wet. I don't blow dry my hair, because then it gets oily right away. I just leave it as it is.


On my way out the door I put my headphones on. There were so many thoughts in my head, I just had to have a moment of peace. I can't remember the last time I had that many thoughts as I had now. Thoughts about my school, friends, teacher, grades and everything. I couldn't wait to get to school. Our first class was maths. My mathematics teacher was a funny guy. He had the cutest smile ever. His jokes were the best. There weren't a thing you could dislike about him. He might not have the appearance but he sure did have the package. Not in the dirty way.


I came to late for class. When I opened the door I could see his smile from a long distance. It was so contagious. It made me smile. Made me blush. We had eye contact for a while, then I had to look away or else it would be awkward. I sat down and put my books on my table. He came over to me and showed me what we were doing. He went back to his table and began to teach. Right before the bell rang, he said a joke. I't was so funny, I couldn't stop laughing. He kept smiling to me. No one in the class laugh, except me. He smiled to me and began to walk away. I could hear him walk. He was just this happy guy, and no one could ever take that away from him.


I couldn't wait for tomorrow. Because then we were going on a camp. And he was coming with. I had already packed my suitcase. I didn't know what to take with me, so I unpacked it all the time.


I was just so exited. 

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