I'm a model

Kenzie is a model. 3 years ago she met one direction and they all fell for her. But she rejected. What will happen when they see her at the runway?


5. We're going nowhere

Zayn's pov

I walked into Harry's room to grab a pair of his pjs. I grabbed a white tee and black sweat pants and threw them on. I walked out of his room to see all of the boys except Kenzie's dad with there ears to the bathroom door. I walked over to Liam who didn't seem to notice me, along with the ready of the boys.

He turned around and motioned for me to put my ear to the door.

"Sick of you playing on that Xbox thing, your never gonna get me with that diamond ring. Look at you so confused. No you don't have a clue. I bet you think you got me good. 
So tell when's the last time you changed that shirt, instead of sitting you should be going to work, like I do for you, your down its not cool. Time for me to move on nothing left to do soo.
Leaveeee your not the boy you said you'd be and it's so hard for me to breath but how can I love you boy if your going nowhere, were going nowhere. Byeeee don't have the strength to see you cry and tired of asking myself whyyy.
How can I love you boy if your going nowhere, were going nowhere."
Kenzie sang. 

Wow, she shouldn't be a model with a voice like that. Not to hate on Perrie
Or anything she is my best friend but she was better than Perrie. 
Harry's pov

We all listened as she sang some more, then we heard the water turn off and rushed to the kitchen. She walked into the kitchen with nothing but a towel. And Her hair was wrapped up in a towel.

"Daddy! Where is my Victoria secret nighie?" She yelled. 

I snickered. She flipped me off and realized she was in just a towel. She sprinted off to her daddy's room. 

She looked good why did she have to leave? She was engaged but that doesn't mean she won't break it off for someone like me. But I was going to make our stay quite interesting for her. 

Kenzie's pov

I found my dad outside in the hot tub with a woman. "Dad, where is my Victoria secret nightie?" I asked sweetly. Mostly because I didn't want to wake the neighborhood but other because I didn't want to make Michelle the woman he was with dislike me. "Ummm... I think Kirsten put it in your room in the closet." I smiled and starting skipping to my room.

Louis's pov

Niall suggested if we wanted to see some action we would have to hide in her room until she came to start the show. All of us agreed and walked to her room. We all hid under her massive bed. It wasn't long until we heard her skipping and singing mamas broken heart by Miranda lambert as she walked into the room. I didn't know she liked that kind of music. 

She walked over to her mini jukebox and put on she's not afraid. She still listens to our music! Score!

She started dancing like an idiot. But a very cute one.

Her towel eventually fell off and she walked to the closet, still dancing. She pulled out a baby blue nightie. The Victoria secret one. She threw it over her head and kept dancing. I looked over to the boys who had a big smile plastered across there facing. I had one myself.

She turned her jukebox to play madness by muse. She nodded her head and worked her way over to the bed. We all ducked under just in time. 

Harry pulled his phone out to make light under the bed. We all looked over to the end of the bed where a big pile of one direction stuff was hidden.

We saw posters, CDs, and dolls of us. She truly did love us. I looked over to see a small box. I grabbed it. 

Inside was a diary. I opened it.it wasn't a diary, it was a letter to us.

Dear One Direction,
Ever since the concert I have been cold and hard broken. I couldn't believe what I heard. I thought you guys were different. But apparently not. I loved each and everyone of you like you guys were the only boys in the world who didn't treat me like shit. I've always been treated like a queen from the girls because my dads Steven Tyler. But the boys thought that just because my dad was a ladies man that I would be easy to get to. I have been thrown around and treated like shit to boys. But I thought I had found love and caring boys when I met you guys. But then I heard what I heard and hope to never see you guys again and I promise that I will never give you love even if I have to die for it. 
McKenzie Rae Tyler 

She made herself clear. I needed her to forgive us and I wasn't going to give up without a fight. 




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