I'm a model

Kenzie is a model. 3 years ago she met one direction and they all fell for her. But she rejected. What will happen when they see her at the runway?


4. This is great.

Kenzie's pov: After I got all my things together, I left. Kierstan was waiting by my car with the keys. "Thank you." I said. I got into my car and backed up, to see Steven waving bye. I waved and blew him a kiss and speed away. I cranked up my radio. I started singing count on me by Bruno mars, then unexpectedly little things came on and a changed the channel. They had great music and everything but they weren't good boys and I didn't feel like listening to them right now.  I pulled up to my mansion. My dad was home. It was kinda funny how I was going to get married to a guy named Steven and my dads name was Steven. But I noticed a black range rover parked outside to. Must be one of his girlfriends. I walked inside. I put my stuff down and ran upstairs to the 3rd floor to my room. My room was huge. I had a bug walk in closet with over 100 shoes and clothes. I had a king size princess bed. My room was different colors. On each wall had a different color. Green,red, orange, pink and purple. I walked over to my closet and walked in. I threw my clothes off and found a short see threw gown. It was silk material. After I got it on, I walked to my bathroom that was also in my room. I brushed my teeth and washed my makeup off. I hate wearing makeup, I go for the natural look. I walked down stairs and heard laughing coming from the entertainment room. It was boys. I walked in there to see my dad in his special chair with Niall,louis,harry,Zayn, and Liam sitting on the long couch. I walked over to my special chair and sat down. "Hey princess!" My dad cheered. "Hey,dad." I said. The boys just sat there until my dad introduced them to me. "Dad, I know who they are and I  don't want them here." I said. "It's alright hunny, I actually told them they could stay here because they don't have a motel and they will be here for two months." My dad explained. I groaned. And got up and walked away. Harry followed. He walked over to me and I groaned. "Babe, save those moans for me." He whispered in my ear. "I have a fiancé, and Im getting married in a year, so don't try to ruin it." I snapped and ran to my room. As I ran to my room I ran into my dad. "Dad, please don't let them sleep on the same floor as me at least." I said. "I'm sorry but that's we're guests are suppose to stay." He stated. This was one big house and they had to stay on the same floor as me. This is just great. Note of sarcasm.

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