I'm a model

Kenzie is a model. 3 years ago she met one direction and they all fell for her. But she rejected. What will happen when they see her at the runway?


3. Flashback:/

I walked backstage to see a girl with a lot if makeup on talking to the boys. She was wearing a strapless dress
That barely covered her bum. Slut, I thought. She walked away and I walked up casual to the boys. They all looked me up and down. I was wearing a strapless pink top with my white miss me shorts, with my pink heels. "Hiya, I'm Kenzie and it is a pleasure to meet you all." I smiled sweetly. "Hello,beautiful, what a GOREGOUS name!" Zayn said. I blushed. I my brown wavy but it was curly today out of my face. "You have beautiful eyes, and couldn't help notice the picture on your phone, is th-that you?" Harry asked. I looked down at my texts it was from ray. Then I looked at the picture. It was me on my 19th birthday, I was drunk, and I was wearing my crown from one of my pageants. I had on a purple short dress that was tight enough so I could barley breath, but I love that dress. I had on makeup which usually don't wear(I want wearing any now). I looked up and smiled. "Yes, it is. I was a little drunk, sorry." I said giggling. "And may I ask who is that holding your waist?" Niall asked. "Umm that's Sam, we broke up last year actually." I said a bit shy. "Do you have a boyfriend right now?" Louis asked. So many questions. I snickered. I unlocked my phone to see ray had texted me
To: My baby cakes
I'm so sorry but, I don't think we should be together. You know I will always love you but I just can't love you like that anymore
Yours always -Ray xx

My eyes started watering. "Are you alright?" Liam asked, as he reached out to grab my shoulder. "Yes, and no I don't have a boyfriend, but I have to go. Have a nice life!" I said. "Wait!" They all yelled. "Can we have your number?" Harry asked. "Ummm, yea but let's keep it friends because I don't want a boyfriend." I said. "Okay." He said as if he were in pain. I don't even really like him. I am just being nice. We all traded numbers and I walked away.

Harry's pov: Everyone texted her as soon as we got home. We waited all night for her to text back. No anwser. We all fell asleep. In the morning, I checked my phone as soon as I got up. Still no anwser. I saw she had read it, but why didn't she reply. I decided to phone her. After the first ring the call ended. She ignored me. 

One year later:
Harry pov: I can't get her out of my head. I'm worse than the other boys. But we all barley know the girl. Wow, we're crazy. Crazy in love. She is amazing. I don't know what it is, but boy she can get you to fall for her like that! I've called and texted her for over a year now still no reply. Wonder why she won't reply. I phoned her for like the thousandth time. She picked up! OMG she finally picked up. "Kenzie?" I said. "Hello, twat!" She spat. I'm confused. "What, what's wrong?" "You know. Last year when we met, I heard what you said." What is she talking about? "Huh?" I said. "Listen I'm not your little toy, it took me a year to get over what y'all said. I'm never going to be in your pants harry, I'm never going to have a make out session with Niall and Liam, and hell knows I will never give Louis and Zayn a bj!" She yelled. OMG she heard us talking about her and the game we planned. "I'm am so sorry, Kenzie please forgive me!" I said. "No you dick, all my life all I have been is a little toy for boys to pass on, well I never going to be yours or no one else's I this world so just fuck off!" She barked. I felt a tear trickle down my cheek and saw all the boys around me hearing every word. I knew they were heartbroken just like me. "We are soo sorry, Kenzie we need you. We love you. Please forgive us!" I said. "Bye little mother fuckers have a nice life!!!" She spat and hung up. My heart was ripped out of my chest. The boys all went into separate rooms and I heard nothing but silence. We needed her, she was amazing. We needed to find her, no matter if it took forever to find her.
-End of Flashback-



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