I'm a model

Kenzie is a model. 3 years ago she met one direction and they all fell for her. But she rejected. What will happen when they see her at the runway?


2. Fiancé

Harrys pov: it's her. Kenzie. I've been trying to get her forever and all the other boys were to. That's actually a reason she never tried to contact us. We all had a bet over who would get her and she was listening when we were talking about her and discussing the bet. She said that she didn't need to be apart of our little games and that she was done with us. Kierstan, her manager told us shed be here,and there she was stunning as ever walking on stage. It put a smile on my face the way she moved and those eyes. Those eyes. They could make you get lost in the world. Big and brown. The face,the hair,the figure. Everything. Was perfect. But what most broke me down wanting her more was her personality. She was smart and a bad girl. She was very funny and worth every minute with. She made everyone laugh. The way she smiles and her dimples pop out. The way she flirts to turn you on. The way she isn't afraid to be herself. The way she loves you and tells you a lie and always blushes at the end. The way she acts childish wherever she goes. The way she feels. Yeah, the way she feels always gets to me. Her eyes sparkle and light up when she's excited. The way there dark when she's mad or scared. She was perfect.

The boys snapped me out of my trance by saying its time to go back stage. I got up and walked behind Liam who was smiling uncontrollably. I tensed up. Then calmed down when I saw her in the corner talking to Kierstan.  


Kenzies pov: "Kierstan how could you! I told you I was done with them. Did that night I came to you crying say anything?" "Yea. I'm sorry, it's just Paul called me, he's my uncle and all, and he said the boys wouldn't shut up on how they were going to find you. So I told Paul to tell them to come here." Whatever I thought. I had a fiancé. His name was Steven, Steven Merk. I loved him and we had been together for 3 years. The boys came over and stood there. "Hello, Kenzie. How are you?" Niall said confident. Actually to confident. "Good. You know that I'm not going to feel sorry for you guys." "You should, you left 5 guys heart broken!" Zayn said. "Big deal, you can have any girl in the world. Why me?" "We love you." Louis said quietly. I looked up at harry who stared at me. Just then Steven walked up. "Hey,babe. You were amazing out there. I brought your ring, I think it's stupid hiw you can't wear it on stage." Steven said. I kissed him. "I know baby and thanks, I got to go get dressed any how, love you bye" I said as I walked away to see all the boys with tears in their eyes. How pathetic. I swear they play to much.

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