A 17 year old girl named Rainy had a normal life intill she goes missing and so does a famous boy band known as One Direction.. She was last seen 5-6-12 She is missing.. and has been.. Will anyone find her.. Will anyone know.. What happend or will she remine *kidnapp*


3. white van

So when Im walking out I see a white van.. Or I think its one.. Its right by my car.. o.O I walk to my car and next thing you no I balcked out.. I hear voices.. *30 mins later* I walk up but I have a blind fold on my face.. my hands are tied behind my back.. I hear them say DONT TRY ANYTHING RAINY! they have heavy british accents.. I scream but my screams are muffled.. My tears burn my eyes Soon I feel stinging on my face.. Shut the fuck up! They scream.. A hour later.. One of the guys pulls off the blind fold and tun ties my hands.. I just start to cry and He walks out of the room.. I hear the door open and i JUMP and run to the connor of the room.. and hide their... I hear a sweet Calming Irish voice.. he askes if im ok.. I just nod and then 3 of the boys come up and yell NIALL WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING WITH THIS SLUT!! STAY OUT OF THIS ROOM!! GOD DAMIT! I wince at the sharp prusher in my thigh and i see a knife in it.. my life is done im dead its over

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