A 17 year old girl named Rainy had a normal life intill she goes missing and so does a famous boy band known as One Direction.. She was last seen 5-6-12 She is missing.. and has been.. Will anyone find her.. Will anyone know.. What happend or will she remine *kidnapp*


4. the room

I wake up in a strange room with a odd smell.. Like blood.. I look down and see the big wound on my upper thigh... And I hear talking out side.. Of the strange room, I listen and I hear then yelling and I start to cry.. Knowing I wont get out of here alive never again to see my family or friends.. Never again to get to see the band one direction in a concert.. Even though they kidnapped me.. I will never be the same.. It sucks Im scared I wanna go home.. I scream in the pellow and start to cry and find something sharp and cut my wrist deeply and slowly 7 times.. I cry, Zayn comes in and looks shocked.. I cant see his face my eyes slowly close and my heart beat slowly changes..


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