A 17 year old girl named Rainy had a normal life intill she goes missing and so does a famous boy band known as One Direction.. She was last seen 5-6-12 She is missing.. and has been.. Will anyone find her.. Will anyone know.. What happend or will she remine *kidnapp*


5. silly silly girl around my



My vision slowly gets fizzy, I can hardly see Zayn's face anymore. My heart slows down, My life flashes before my eyes, I scream and Niall pushes threw Harry and Liam like they are nothing. He punches Zayn and picks me up, And carries me into his room and locks his door. He wraps a cloth my wrist.. "Rain plz babe stay with me, I need you don't go" Niall says. I nod and lay down. I pat the bed so he'll know he can lay down instead of sitting on the ground. He gently lays down and I put my head on his chest.. I hear his heart beat.. I look up at him and he laughs.. I giggle and mess with his hair, Soon he's tickling me.. and I laugh harder.. Then he stops and he looks at my thigh.. They are sliced from 5 weeks ago.. Still arnt any better :( He frowns and kisses them.. He looks at me dead in the eyes and kisses me.. Our lips move insync.. I fall asleep.. I hear fighting and Niall isn't their when I wake up..

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