A 17 year old girl named Rainy had a normal life intill she goes missing and so does a famous boy band known as One Direction.. She was last seen 5-6-12 She is missing.. and has been.. Will anyone find her.. Will anyone know.. What happend or will she remine *kidnapp*


2. school

I wake up at 7 get dressed.. I curl my hair and a smokey eye and red lips and have one white jeans and a black tube top.. with black wedges.. I grab my keys to my pink punch bug and pull up to my school names St.Maries I park in my spot since my Uncle bought it for me.. I see my "friends" I know they only like me since my populartity but who could blame them XD.. They all run up to me and talk about how beautiful I look.. I walk in grab my books and run into my ex. Hello Bryce. I say coldly and walk away.. I get in class and make my way to the back sit in my seat.. Pull out my iphone6.. and text I hate school.. Its now 8th periode.. THe bell rings for bus riders but I always leave with them even though I drive.. I grab my books and start heding out.. When I walk out to my parking space their is no lights.. Its dark.. And Im scared

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