A 17 year old girl named Rainy had a normal life intill she goes missing and so does a famous boy band known as One Direction.. She was last seen 5-6-12 She is missing.. and has been.. Will anyone find her.. Will anyone know.. What happend or will she remine *kidnapp*


6. Niall? Niall?? Niall?!!!!!

I wakeup niall isn't their.. I look around.. nothing... My heart pounds.. I listen from the room.. "we didn't mean for this to happen.. We just needed to know.." It sounded like Liam.. I hear Niall scream.. omg.. Theirs a little door I crawl..and I open it.. I see blonde hair crystal blue eyes.. looking at me..I grab his arm and pull him out.. I get him out he says.. "they put me in their.. They want to hurt you rain.. I want let that happen.. </3" I cry and he holds me.. my life Is hell.. I hate the band onedirection besides Niall... I think he might just save my life... again.. He is perfectly imperfect.. But he just shines.. he is beautiful.. in so many ways.. I love him a lot.. and a little more each day.. Thank you Nialler.. <3

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