Fate Will Tell Us

Alice always had a hard life. She lost her dad when she was only 7. She is a very shy girl. Will the help from her popular friend Riley make her open up? Find friends? Get a boyfriend? Become popular also?


2. Meeting Alice

Jacob's POV:

As Riley and I are walking in the school, someone calls out, "Riley!"

She lets go off my hand and starts running to this girl. I bet it's Alice. She hugs the girl and says, "Alice! It's so good to see you!"

All I'm thinking is wow this girl is absolutely beautiful. She has this long blonde hair with crystal blue eyes. She's just gorgeous. Her shortness is just adorable also. They start to walk over to me.

Riley says, "Jacob, this is Alice. Alice, this is Jacob my boyfriend."

"Oh. H-Hi. I'm Jacob." I put out my hand smiling.

She laughs. God, that laugh. She shakes my hand. Riley looks at me weird. I hope she doesn't suspect me thinking about Alice like this.

Riley and Alice walk to find Alice's locker while I go to my locker with my friends. When I get to my locker my friends Drew and Logan are already there.

"Yo Jacob! Whaddup man." Drew says.

"Hey guys. So there's a new girl. She's Riley Friend and-"

Logan cuts me off and says, "Riley always has hot friends. Is she? What's her name?"

"I was trying to tell you but you cut me off."

"Well tell us!" Drew yells laughing.

"Her name is Alice. And god, is she beautiful! I think Riley saw me thinking about her. She's in all my classes for that means she has a few with you guys."

"Oh awesome! And if you start liking Alice, dibs on Riley!" Drew says.

I laugh nervously and open my locker. First class is English with Mr. Kelsey.

I walk in and sit down in my seat. I hope I can sit by Alice, if not close by her.

About 30 seconds later, Riley and Alice walk in together. Riley sits by me and Alice is shy and sits behind Riley quietly. I forgot she is a shy girl. But I'll get her to open up.

Riley sits on my sesk, "Hey Babe!" She kisses me a couple of times. "I saw your friends, Logan and Drew, looking at Alice's ass! I was laughing the whole time."

I fake laugh and look at Alice slouching down like she is embarrassed. I turn back to Riley and say, "Don't tell everyone. You're embarrassing her."

Riley looks at me confused. "I'm not embarrassing her. I'm just telling you what happened. It's funny but cute."

Mr. Kelsey walks in and says, "Okay class. Everybody in your seats!"

Thank god. I really didn't want to argue with Riley right now.

Mr. Kelsey was talking about his life during the whole class. I zoned out after about 10 minutes of his story. I kept on thinking about Alice. I wanted to turn around and see her but I didn't want anyone to even have a thought about what I'm thinking about. I don't even know what to do. This is crazy. I know nothing about Alice yet I want to love her. Maybe it's just a one time thing because I just met her and don't know....

While I'm in the middle of my thought someone taps me. I think it's Alice and I turn around. It's Riley. She says, "Jacob? Clas is over. Let's go."

"Oh. Yeah." I get up and follow Riley out with Alice behind me.

Riley runs to a group of friends and Alice stays by me.

I look at her and she says, "Are you okay?"

"What? Oh. Yeah. I'm fine."

She laughs.

"Riley told me you were shy but you don't seem very shy."

"Well it's difficult to explain. I'm not shy to talk to people. I'm shy about trusting people, opening up to them." She looks at the ground.

"Why is that?" I ask her curiously.

"Just stuff happened in the past. I don't really want to talk about it."

"No. You can trust me. I'm your friend. I would never want to hurt you."

She just looks at me. I break the silence, "Well I want to try and help you as much as I can. You can be so shy after something tragic happens. Life is all about taking risks. If you need anything, text or call me anytime!" I write down my number and give it to her.

She instantly smiles. "I'll try. And I will text you later."

I smile back, "Okay good."

I walk off and go to Drew and Logan.

"Dude, stop hitting on Alice. You have a girlfriend." Drew says shaking his head.

"Will I for long? Riley can't hold a relationship. That's why we are always on and off." I say opening my locker.

"Whatever. I get riley after." Drew says laughing.

I laugh quickly, "Go ahead."

I close my locker and walk to my next class.


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