Fate Will Tell Us

Alice always had a hard life. She lost her dad when she was only 7. She is a very shy girl. Will the help from her popular friend Riley make her open up? Find friends? Get a boyfriend? Become popular also?


1. Going to school

Riley's POV:

Ugh. Time to go to school. The first day is always the hardest. But I'm actually kind of excited. My friend Alice that I haven't seen in a couple of years now is transferring to this school! Senior year is going to be fun now. And my boyfriend Jacob is in all my classes! Hopefully Alice is too. We can finally be reunited!

"Riley! Get up! It's time for school! You don't want to be late on the first day of school!" My mom yells.

"I'm up!" I yell back.

I get up and go to my closet to find clothes. I pick out a blue ruffle tank top with white skinny jeans. I run into the bathroom aand change. I apply my mascara and light tan eyeshadow. I brush on bronzer and straighten my hair. My brother Andrew comes to the bathroom door and bangs on it. "Hurry up! I have school today too!"

"I'm almost done." I shout back.

After a couple minutes later, I open the door, "It's all yours." I fake smile after too.

I head downstairs to get a poptart for breakfast.

I grab my things and stuff my backpack with my makeup and a few binders. Just as I'm doing that, my doorbell rings.

"I got it." I tell my mom.

I answer it and and it's my boyfriend Jacob, "Hey babe." he says smiling.

I smile back and respond, "Hey! Are you ready to go to school?" I said grabbing my bag.

"Yeah, but I don't even want to go."

"Well who does?" I ask laughing. I shut the door behind me and we get into Jacob's car.

"So Jacob, my friend Alice just moved to LA from Canada. I can't wait for you to meet her. We can make her so popular!" I tell Jacob

"Whats makes you say that?" he asks laughing.

"You're funny. Did you forget we are the one of the most popular poeple in the school?"

"I was just kidding babe." Jacob takes my hand while the other one is on the wheel.

I smile and say, "But seriously. She has had a hard life and I really want her to feel welcome here and get to know everything. She's realy pretty but she's shy."

"What happened to her?" Jacob asks sincerely.

"Well her dad died when she was 7 and now she has a step dad living with her family. Her and her boyfriend just broke up. I mean it's not terrible but I feel bad for her."

"Oh. And how old is she?"

"18. She's a senior too. I have her schedule with me. She has every class with us also!" I tell Jacob excitedly.

"Thats cool." Jacob says not as interested as I am.


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