Forever and Ever

Charlotte Burke is a normal seventeen year old girl. She lives near LA and is used to all the famous people flying in and out. After her father walked out on her and her mother, she was the one to take care of her mom and adopted sister, Annie. She never wanted anything more in life than her family's happiness.
Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn are anything but a normal boys. Being in a boy band was always an important and lucky part of their lives. By now they were used to all the girls: crazy and throwing themselves at them.
One lucky encounter could change everything for them both. Will Char be able to get over her grudge against pop stars? Will the band realize that by falling for Char music won't be the only important thing? Will they even be able to date with one of them being British and the other American?
Love always has it's ways of working, but it usually comes with a price..............


19. That First Kiss

Harry's POV
Char and I hopped into the car and drove around, her pointing out places of good memories and places of not so good memories. 
"So how'd you meet Sean, if you don't mind me asking." I said, pulling into a McDonalds drive thru.
"No I don't, erm, he saved found me... I was about to... Well I wasn't going to do anything good with myself." She smiled sadly. I couldn't even picture cheery little Char depressed to the point of self harm. 
"How'd you do it? Get back to who you are now?" I asked a new question. 
"Thanks for changing the subject. And uh, it was hard. Most days I just curled up in a ball and cried. I was so angry with everyone, except Annie and Sean. Around Annie I made myself presentable, but Sean already had seen me at a moment of...." She trailed off at the end, playing with her sleeve. 
"I tried therapy. I thought it was stupid and didn't work. Sean helped a lot and Annie always was able to make me smile. I think one day I decided I was tired of being the depressed girl I had become, so I changed myself. I got stronger, took self defense classes, and became more social. Now I'm back to a bubbly girl." She laughed. I grinned and held her hand, squeezing it gently. 
"I like you a lot, Curly." Char whispered. 
"I love hearing that, love." 
"It's true. Today I... I've never felt this easily attached to someone."
"Wow, I'm pouring out my heart and you only say ditto?" Char gasped, punching my arm. 
"Shhh! Ok I'd like a thing of fries, two twenty piece nuggets, three cheese burgers, one chicken wrap, and one of those chicken nugget mighty kid meals." I ordered with a smile. 
"Girl or boy toy?" The woman asked. 
"Girl." I pinched Char's thigh. 
"I am too big to be a mighty kid!" She whined. 
"Ok it'll be ready soon." The lady said. 
"Thank you!" I called before pulling up to the next window. 
The girl giving me the food almost dropped the bags when I rolled down my window. 
"Didn't think you'd be seeing the Harry Styles?" Char giggled. 
"N-n-n-n." the girl stuttered. 
"Nice to meet you, thanks for your service." I smiled making her blush. 
"Bye! He's really cute isn't he?" Char called out over me. 
"Y-y-yeah." She nodded. Char smiled and waved goodbye after I paid for our massive meal. 
I parked outside our hotel and locked the doors then turned to Char. 
"Yes?" She frowned, after attempting to get out. 
"You are my greatest find. I fell for you the second you opened your eyes and I have only fallen deeper and deeper since. I never will leave you and I hope you never leave me. Charlotte Burke, you are the most wonderful girl I've ever met." I spilled out my heart. 
"Ah, now you spill out your heart."
"Yes, with good reason and staged dramatics." I winked. Char burst into giggles and I couldn't help myself, I brushed a hand behind her hair and pulled her face to mine. 
"Harry... I don't kiss on first dates." She whispered. 
"Ok." I said sadly, dropping my hand. 
"But I think I can make an exception." She continued, now pulling me back to her lips. 
She wound her fingers through my hair as I caressed her cheek with my thumb as our lips moved together. She sighed gently, her lips parting. I tugged on her bottom lip, begging for entrance. She granted it and parted her lips wider. We explored each others' mouths and unbuckled at the same time, somehow managing to never break. I lifted Char onto my lap where she pulled away to catch her breath. So, I began to make my way down her jaw to her neck, and finally her collarbones. Char pulled my face back up to be level with hers and looked me in the eyes with her sparkling blue ones. 
"I think I love you." I whispered. 
"I know." She grinned. 
I drove back in for more of her, but her back slammed against the horn, making both of us jump then laugh. 
We saw it as a sign to go back up to the boys. 

"Why hello you two. I hope you behaved..." Liam greeted us. 
Louis shot me a jealous glance. 
"Char, honey your face is flushed!" Zayn laughed, making her cheeks become even more red. 
"How was your day?" Louis asked reluctantly.
"Amazing." I answered. 
"Fun." Char agreed quietly, not wanting to upset Lou. 
"Who cares, where the hell is the food?" Niall emerged from a back room. 
"Well hello to you too." Char rolled her  eyes, grabbing her mighty kid meal and sitting cross legged in front of the tele. 
We chuckled and sat beside her. 
Char was on relaxing on my lap on the floor, I had my arms wrapped around her waist and was in a deep conversation with Liam about one of our songs. We mentioned something about leaving, so Char turned, scared. 
"When ARE you leaving?" She asked. 
"Erm- two days I think." I whispered. Char closed her eyes and sighed. 
"Love, it's alright. We will visit! And hopefully you will too." I said. She nodded and laid her head on my chest. 
"At least we have now." She shrugged. All the of us nodded. I held Char's hand tightly, trying to show how much I loved her. She subtly squeezed back. 
Surprisingly, Louis didn't look too upset, unlike usual. 
"Char?" Zayn asked. 
"Yeah?" She looked up at him. 
"Do you want to do something tomorrow? We have a concert the day after, so tomorrow is our last free day." He said. 
Char's face fell as she said, "Can't, I have to work." 
"Oh...." We sighed sadly. 
"Can we play messy twister?" Char asked excitedly. 
"Play what?" Liam laughed. 
"Ugh I'll explain later." She said, getting up and grabbing her jacket and keys. 
"Well c'mon now?" She smiled, opening the door and going to the lot to get her car. 

"Where are you taking us?" I asked. 
"To Target." She shrugged. 
"To what?" Niall said. 
"A store." She rolled her eyes. 
We went into the store, everyone staring. The paps were on us and girls had swarmed us. 
"I'll go get the stuff!" Char yelled over the loud clicks of the cameras. 
She was back within fifteen minutes with two full bags of stuff. Luckily, by then most of the fans had gotten our autographs and the paps had gotten a lot of pictures. 
"Bye girls!" We yelled, covering our faces and shielding Char, we made our way back to the car. 

We got back to the hotel and Charlotte began to lay out all the stuff she bought. 
First a mat to protect the carpet, then a twister game mat, and finally green, yellow, blue, and red paint. 
Char began to pour small globs of paint onto the spots on the game. 
"Ok so it's just like regular twister but there's paint on the spots." She explained. 
We started in shifts of two, first up me and Char. We had a hard time staying upright, but Char was able to stay up enough to win. 
By the end of the night, all six of us were covered in paint. 
"Wow. That was something different." I chuckled. 
"What? Can't find that in London?" Char joked, poking my nose with the tip of her finger covered in blue paint. 
I wrapped my arms around her and whispered, "You can't find a lot in London." 
"Well can I use your shower?" She blushed. 
I led her to the bathroom and lent her a some of my clothes to put on. Char blushed again and shut the door. 
I sat down and Louis marched over ten minutes later. 
The shower shut off and I turned to him. 
"Can I help you?" I raised my eyebrows. 
He waited a few minutes before responding, "Yeah, stop trying to steal Char from me." 
"Steal? Mate, I can't steal something that was never yours." I chuckled. The others awkwardly backed up, unsure what to do. 
"Char likes me more than you." He simply pointed out. 
"On who's terms?" I snorted. 
"Everyone can see it." 
"Not at all. She went out with me all day if you remember correctly." 
"That means nothing."
"It means a lot."
"You just got to her first." He hissed at me. 
"That means I have dibs and she's mine." I narrowed my eyes. 
"No. She isn't." Louis growled. 
"Wow guys. I'm so glad you see me as a person." Char said sarcastically from around the corner. She was leaning against the door frame. 
"Char..." Louis's eyes filled with regret, I assumed mine did too. 
"We didn't mean any harm..." I nodded.
"No harm? Of course. How could it hurt me when two guys are talking about me like I'm some toy with no say in this?" She snapped. 
"You have a say." I said. 
"Oh, so glad you give me permission, because from what I heard it sounded like you were gonna arm wrestle to see who won me." She continued, smiling sadly. 
"We just both love you." Louis apologized. 
"Well, figure it out. I just want to go home." She sighed, walking past us. Louis and I watched sadly as she hugged the others goodbye and left. 
"Really smooth." Niall frowned. 
"Yeah, you guys could've at least tried to act civil about it." Liam agreed.
"And now look what you've done." Zayn finished off. Louis and I looked at each other, then silently got up and went to our rooms. 
I sent Char a text, although I knew she would not bother responding. Slightly depressed, I plugged in my headphones, put them on, and blasted my music and closed my eyes. 

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