Forever and Ever

Charlotte Burke is a normal seventeen year old girl. She lives near LA and is used to all the famous people flying in and out. After her father walked out on her and her mother, she was the one to take care of her mom and adopted sister, Annie. She never wanted anything more in life than her family's happiness.
Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn are anything but a normal boys. Being in a boy band was always an important and lucky part of their lives. By now they were used to all the girls: crazy and throwing themselves at them.
One lucky encounter could change everything for them both. Will Char be able to get over her grudge against pop stars? Will the band realize that by falling for Char music won't be the only important thing? Will they even be able to date with one of them being British and the other American?
Love always has it's ways of working, but it usually comes with a price..............


59. Meeting the family

Char's POV

"What if we got married?" Harry said a the next day. I was putting on makeup for the event tonight and nearly poked myself in the eye. 
"Harry..." I said. 
"What? We are committed enough to put each other's names permanently on our arms." He said, bringing back my comment from the day before when I told him I wanted to tattoo his name on my wrist, and he admitted he wanted my name on his forearm.  I sighed and shook my head. 
"I don't know." I said. 
"Is it cuz there is no ring?" He asked sadly. 
"Of course not! I could care less about a stupid ring. It's because young marriage kinda ruined my parents." I sighed. 
"But it will be different for us. We won't ever grow tired of each other. We fell in love barely knowing each other!" Harry said. 
"I know...I...just...let's wait a little longer." I said. He nodded and kissed my head. I finished my makeup and found a sharpie. Using it I wrote 'Harry' on my wrist. 
He saw and grinned, taking it he wrote 'Charlotte' on his arm. 
I took his hand, my clutch, and went downstairs. The boys all whistled and hooted at me. We drove to the red carpet singing and yelling happily. 
I got out behind Harry and linked an arm through his.
The flashes went wild with paps asking me about the dress, the boys, and Justin. 
"Justin Bieber and I are only friends. That's all." I told them. They noticed mine and Harry's makeshift tattoos and got pictures of those as well. 
I walked around with the boys and got drinks and stuff at the after party. 
"To Char!" They laughed raising their wine glasses. 


"You ready to leave?" Louis asked. 
I nodded and began to walk and of course with the help of my stilettos and glass of wine, I tripped and fell. Thankfully I didn't hit the floor, Justin caught me before that was possible. I straightened out and kept walking away from him. 
"Char!" He yelled walking after me. I was saying goodbyes to some famous people I now knew. 
"What? Are you gonna try and kiss me again?" I snapped. 
"Char. I'm sorry." He whispered, hurt. I felt a bit guilty for snapping at him so quickly. 
"It's ok." I said quietly. 
Harry caught up to me and frowned when he saw Justin. 
"I don't care who you think you are, kiss my girlfriend again and I will break your face." Harry said low. 
"Is that a threat?" Justin smirked, his bad boy act was back on. 
"Yeah, yeah I think it was." Harry sneered. 
"Well, I see that Char has someone who can at least pretend that he can protect her, but uh I really doubt it, Styles." Justin said. 
I looked back and forth as they argued over me. 
"Stop, just stop it. Harry I'll meet you in one second." I said. 
Turning to Justin I continued, "Justin, I don't wanna stop being friends, but I can't have you like this if you are my friend." I said. 
"Alright, I'll hide my feelings and act happy." He smirked turning around. 
"Justin, c'mon." I sighed. 
"I really am sorry, and uh call me when you get permission." He snapped walking away. 
I sighed and walked over to Harry. He picked me up, knowing that I'd probably fall at least a couple times more. 
"Thanks for taking me out. It was fun." I smiled. They boys hugged and kissed me goodnight, then went to their rooms as we went to ours. 
"I love you." Harry whispered. 
I closed my eyes and rested my head on his bare chest.
"I love you too." I answered quietly tracing the tattoos up his arm. 
I fell asleep like that, holding on to the one I love. 


Harry's POV
The following week was wet and rainy, but I was able to convince Char to let me take her to England, more specifically my house. Gemma would barely be there and my mum would probably leave us to ourselves, but it's nice to have them around, plus I was dying to have them meet Char. 
"Harry! We're gonna be late!" Char said from downstairs. The boys and Charles were all waiting for me. I was packing up the rest of my stuff and carrying it down. It felt like my pocket weighed a thousand pounds. There was a small engagement ring in it that I had gotten and been carrying around waiting for the perfect moment. 
Char and I had grown more serious, having long conversations along with our constant kissing. 
"I'm coming!" I laughed. She grabbed one of my suit cases and took it out to the car behind me. 
"Char, hate to say this, but would you drive?" Zayn said. We were all freaked out by her crazy driving. 
"Of course!" I smiled hopping in the front handing Charles to Zayn. I made sure that everyone had their seat belts on and drove quickly to the airport. 
"Ok, not so bad..." Niall said. We all were boarding the same plane but splitting off once we got to England. 
The flight seemed short, but that was probably cuz we spent it talking and sleeping as always. 

"Sleeping beauty, time to get up." I whispered. Char's lids fluttered and opened to reveal her Tiffany blue eyes. 
"Hey." Char smiled. 
I carried her out of the plane, her still half asleep on my shoulder, and went to baggage claim. 
"Char, text me everyday! You too Harry, and be good Curly." Niall said seriously. 
"I will I promise." Char said hugging him and kissing his cheek. I gave him a hug after the others and waved goodbye. 
"Princess!" Louis said fake crying. 
"Aw Lou!" She chuckled, giving him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. 
"Bye, darling." Zayn said. 
"Gonna miss you Char, keep me updated." Liam said. She gave the other boys hugs and kisses after my hugs and then I took her hand and led her to a cabbie that I was taking to my house.

The paps welcomed us back with a huge swarm and many pictures. Both Char and I had on black ray bans and tshirts. She had cut off jean shorts and flip flops and I had jeans, tennis shoes, and a flat top hat. Char picked up Curly and tried to balance him and her luggage. 
"Harry, that hat makes you look sexy, I like it." Char giggled as we made our way through the paps with our bags and puppy. 
"Thanks babe, ok turn here." I chuckled. 
She found a cab and started loading her stuff in it carefully. 
Knowing her she was probably worried that she'd slip and fall or something. I helped her and opened the door to the car for her and Curly and climbed in after. 
I gave the guy my address, and a little over thirty minutes we were there. I took in my house with a sigh of relief. 
"It's pretty." Char said beside me. I took her hand and after paying the cabbie and unloading our things, I led Char in to meet my mother. 
"So you're Char? Wow Harry, she's pretty." Gemma smiled. 
I nodded and gave her a hug. Gemma let go of me and gave Char one. 
"Hi I'm Gemma....Harry! a puppy! That's adorable." She said. Char laughed calmly and said hello, letting Curly out of his crate. 
"Mum?" I called. 
"Harry? My little baby is home!" She called. I chuckled and heard her coming down the stairs. 
"Oh, oh my. Isn't she pretty." My mum said to Gemma. Char blushed and introduced herself to my mum. 
My mum and sister began talking to Char about me, England, what she wants to do, cosmetics, and other random things. I took the bags to my room which I assumed was where we'd be sleeping. 


"Harry," I turned startled to see my mum behind me. 
"Hey mum, I've really missed you." I smiled hugging her again. 
"I think that girl loves you." My mum whispered. 
I laughed and pulled out the ring. 
"What?" She gasped. 
"I haven't asked yet and don't know when I will, but I know she is the one." I said. 
"Aw honey, you can take your time on things like these." She said. 
"But what if I wait too long?" I said shaking my head. 
"Do what you want Harry, just know I'm with you either way. Would you mind giving me background on her so I won't say something I shouldn't?" My mum said. I laughed and filled her in on Char's family, passions, dislikes, and talents. 
"Thanks, Harry. She's a really sweet girl, given what she's been through." She said. I nodded and together we walked downstairs to see Char and Gemma talking and playing with Curly. 
"Let's get dinner, you two must be hungry." My mum said starting to cook. 
"While she's cooking what do you guys wanna do?" Gemma asked. 
"Truth or dare!" I yelled. 
Gemma and Char rolled their eyes but sat on the couch and played, getting to know each other. 


Dinner was delicious, as always.  Char and Gemma were on clean up duty and I could hear them talking and laughing all the way upstairs. It was nice they were getting along. Char took a shower and we climbed into bed together, exhausted. 

The next week was amazing, hanging out with my family, old friends, and of course Char. But I missed the boys a ton and I could she did too. 
"I'm gonna miss you, Anne." Char said hugging my mum. She turned to Gemma with a weak smile. Gemma gave Char a huge bear hug. They were really close from this past week as Niall predicted. 
"I can't wait to see the boys." Char smiled in the cabbie. 
"I know, but both of us have been texting them all week. It's like they never left." I laughed. 
"Yeah but still." She said kissing me gently. 
Soon we were in the airport sitting in a little area waiting for the others. 
"I'm gonna go get some food, want anything?" Char said. 
"Um whatever is fine." I shrugged. 
She nodded and skipped off to find food. 


"Harry!" Zayn and Louis screamed. 
I turned and saw them walking towards me. 
"Hey guys!" I laughed hugging them. 
"I told Lou it was you. I recognize those curls anywhere." Zayn said. 
"I knew it was him!" Louis defended. 
"Sure... Where's Char?" Zayn said. 
"Getting food." I said. 
"Nice hope she gets extra." A guy called to us from behind with a strong Irish accent.
"Niall!" We all said laughing. He grinned and hugged us all. 
Liam came soon too and they were all anxious to see Char. 
"It's been over twenty minutes..." Louis said nervously. 
"I know, wonder where she is..." I said. 
"I'll check this way with Niall and Liam, you two go over there with Curly." Zayn said. 
We nodded and split up. 




authors note:

Hello! Sorry i haven't updated in awhile :(

I've been so into my other book (take a read please) so i haven't thought about this too much. I was thinking that maybe i should make a second book for this that continues harry and char's relationship (i.e. more intense, maybe marriage, a kid, so many options), or something like that. comment ideas of what you lovely readers would like me to do!


comment what you think is gonna happen or what you want to happen! Thanks so much ill try to update as soon as i can if you guys like the new chapters! 



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