Forever and Ever

Charlotte Burke is a normal seventeen year old girl. She lives near LA and is used to all the famous people flying in and out. After her father walked out on her and her mother, she was the one to take care of her mom and adopted sister, Annie. She never wanted anything more in life than her family's happiness.
Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn are anything but a normal boys. Being in a boy band was always an important and lucky part of their lives. By now they were used to all the girls: crazy and throwing themselves at them.
One lucky encounter could change everything for them both. Will Char be able to get over her grudge against pop stars? Will the band realize that by falling for Char music won't be the only important thing? Will they even be able to date with one of them being British and the other American?
Love always has it's ways of working, but it usually comes with a price..............


9. Just a Girl and the Guys

Char's POV
Was I going to stay? I sighed and looked up at Harry. He was smiling and humming to himself.
"Uh yeah, I think I will." I said with a smile.
"Great! You need anything?" Harry asked, his smile widening.
"Erm- oh! I have a bag in my Jeep!" I said remembering.
Harry nodded, "I'll get it one sec.
I shook my head and tried to squirm out of Harry's arms.
"I can get it!" I said between squirms.
"Nope!" He said popping the 'p' like I do.
I giggled. "Will you put me down?"
"No! Your my prisoner!" He yelled. I laughed and started squirm and wiggle again. We were in my room and so Harry threw me onto my bed. I got an idea to get revenge for him and Louis scaring me.
"Ow! Oh my god! Ow!" I screamed.
Harry's eyes grew wide, "Oh shit I'm soo sorry! What hurts? Crap! Damn it!"
The other boys ran in now because
of the yelling.
"What happened?" Niall asked, concern in his voice. I held back my smile and blinked a few times acting like I was in serious pain. All the boys surrounded me. I started crying fake tears and bit my lip like I always did when I was in scared or in pain.
"Princess!!!!" Louis yelled. I slowly sat up but fell back down pretending to be hurt.
"Ow damn it ow!!" I yelled.
"Should we take her to the hospital?!" Liam asked.
"Erm- yes?" Zayn said looking at Louis
"I dunno one sec," Louis said. Slowly he walked to me.
"Love?" He asked. I sat up and dramatically wiped away some of my fake tears.
"Y-yes?" I stuttered.
"Love? Are you alright? Do you need to go to the hospital?" Louis asked. I shook my head.
The boys actually thought I was serious! I bit my tongue to stop myself from laughing.
I faked a wince and tried to stand. They realized what I was trying to do, so they came over and helped which was completely not needed. Once I was on my feet I smiled and sprinted into the main room. They chased after me. I was behind the couch laughing. A confused look passed through them.
"She's having hysterics!" Zayn yelled, causing me to laugh even more. I fell onto the couch clutching my stomach. I don't think I have ever laughed this much. Harry sat beside my head and Niall sat by my feet the others stood around me, worried. I looked at their expressions and laughed some more.
"Princess? What is going on!?" Louis yelled. I giggled a bit more but finally sat up.
"Revenge! I was in no pain! It was fake!" I snickered. All the boys joined in my laughter.
"Damn you can act! You gave me a bloody heart attack!" Harry laughed. I blushed, surprised that he cared that much.
"I got you gooood!" I said with a smile. The boys laughed but didn't argue.
"Yeah yeah yeah. Now do you wanna get your bag?" Harry asked. I nodded and so together all six of us walked to my car just outside the hotel. I grabbed my bag and turned to the boys with a huge yawn. I stumbled a bit on the way back inside so Niall insisted on carrying me after Zayn took my bag. I didn't really argue because I was tired. At one point they put me in bed. "Thanks!" I said but the word was slurred and my eye lids refused to stay open. I felt five kisses on my forehead then I passed out.

Harry's POV
I gave her a kiss and went back to the main room. It was only 11 so I flipped on the tele. I heard the rest of the boys walk in.
"She's really something." Louis whispered. Zayn, Liam, and Niall all shrugged.
"What?" I asked them.
"I've begun to consider her more of a sister." Niall said. The other two nodded in agreement. I was surprised I thought that they all fancied her.
"Mate, we see how you look at her. We know you love her." Zayn said.
"So what? You gave up cuz you realized that I was in love with her?" I asked.
"No, we saw the way she looked at both of you." Liam shrugged. I nodded, understanding what they meant.

Louis' POV
I watched Liam go to his room just after Zayn. My princess looked at me the same way I saw her? I was so happy. But sad at the same time. Would this ruin my relationship with Harry?
"Lou?" I heard him say.
"Yeah, mate?" I answered.
"I don't want this to tear us apart." He continued, saying almost exactly what I was going to.
"I know what you mean. But really Harry, do you seriously think that we could be torn apart so easily? I doubt it! Anyways it's not like we can flip a coin to decide who gets her! She had to choose. So erm- I guess we will just have to see who she picks." I whispered before getting up and going to bed.

Char's POV
In my dream I was with the boys and we were in a park. Niall was playing his guitar and the rest of the boys were singing. Someone suggested playing hide and go seek so we all split up and hid behind benches, trees, and such. I crouched down behind a large rock and I faced the woods. I saw someone looking at me.
"Hello?" I called not caring about being found. The person saw me and ran deeper into the woods. I knew it wasn't safe, but I followed.
I tripped over a root somewhere and I fell scraping up my knee. Instantly the boy was at my side. I turned and looked up at him then I screamed for he was holding a large butcher knife and was slowly tracing my skin with it.

Harry's POV
On my way to bed I heard a muffled scream. It sounded girl-like so I ran into Char's room. She was tangled in her sheets, sweating, and panting.
I sat by her and held her hand.
"Shh, it's ok." I whispered. She opened her eyes and looked at me.
"Oh!" She gasped. Then she sighed and started crying.
"It was only a dream." She mumbled over and over. I pulled her onto my lap and held her. The others didn't hear because they must've been dead asleep. Char cried into my shirt and trembled quietly. Only then did I notice that she was only wearing a bra.


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