Forever and Ever

Charlotte Burke is a normal seventeen year old girl. She lives near LA and is used to all the famous people flying in and out. After her father walked out on her and her mother, she was the one to take care of her mom and adopted sister, Annie. She never wanted anything more in life than her family's happiness.
Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn are anything but a normal boys. Being in a boy band was always an important and lucky part of their lives. By now they were used to all the girls: crazy and throwing themselves at them.
One lucky encounter could change everything for them both. Will Char be able to get over her grudge against pop stars? Will the band realize that by falling for Char music won't be the only important thing? Will they even be able to date with one of them being British and the other American?
Love always has it's ways of working, but it usually comes with a price..............


39. Hide n seek

Char's POV
I woke up on Harry's chest. I sighed and kissed his stomach then sat up. I turned and looked at him, he was dead asleep. I giggled and checked the clock quietly. Ugh it was only 9 am, less then 8 hours of sleep. I lay back down next to Harry and waited for him to wake up. 
I pulled out my Dusk book. It was a new vampire series that was very popular. I thought the entire plot was stupid, but it was addicting. I was almost done with the second to last chapter when Harry woke up. 
"Hey gorgeous." He whispered. I closed my book and snuggled up next to his side. He had no shirt on, but his skin was really warm. I sighed and looked up at his face. 
I looked at his mop of curls, his cheeky smile, and lastly his mesmerizing green eyes. I played with one of his curls then I felt myself being pulled closer to Harry's face. 
I leaned in and kissed Harry gently. He didn't let me pull away. His hands were like steel on my back, pressing me against him. I kissed back with love and ran my hands through his hair. When he was sure I wouldn't pull away, Harry placed a hand on my cheek and rubbed it with his thumb. We separated eventually to breathe. 
"Hey babe, look out the window." Harry grinned. 
Somewhat confused, I skipped over to the window and peeked out. 
In a parking space was my baby, my white flat top jeep. 
"Oh my god! How? Shit this is crazy! I'm so confused but happy!" I yelled. 
Harry laughed and leaned against my car, "I found someone to help me... I set it up to be delivered here."
I jumped on his back and kissed his cheek. 
"You're the best, Harry Styles!" I said happily. 


Harry's POV
The boys and I wanted to do something fun, so Char suggested we go to the mall. 
We were at the mall and had been for a while. Apparently Justin Bieber was here... Niall had been talking about him but we had gotten him to shut up. 
I bought Char a bunch of new stuff even though she protested every time I did. 
"Love, I like buying you things!" I told her over and over. 
Right now we were in the food court eating a late lunch. 

"I have a brilliant idea!" Niall said. 
"And what would that be?" Zayn asked. 
"Hide and go seek... Wait for it... In the entire mall!" He said smiling. 
"Alright, but there are a few rules... No changing rooms, no bathrooms, and nothing else like that." Liam said. 
We all smiled and Char screamed, "Not it!" We all said the same thing as fast as we could. Louis said it last and pouted for a second but began counting. 
I ran into a department store and hid with a bunch of clothes. 


Char's POV
I ran into a Hollister, huh didn't know these were in England too. Instantly I bumped into a boy. I turned to see his brown eyes bore into my blue ones. 
"Sorry..." I said slowly then began to walk away. 
"No problem." He answered shrugging. 
I turned around only to be spun back to face the boy. 
He looked so familiar... 
How did I know him?
"What's your name?" He asked. This reminded me of when I first met Harry. 
"What's it to you?" I said shrugging. 
"I have a habit of learning pretty girls' names." He said smirking. 
"Wow I'm so flattered." I said sarcastically. 
"You're American." He said, not as a question, just a statement. 
"Wow great discovery Columbus." I said. 
"You just look like a native here." He said shrugging then added, "Plus you haven't freaked out yet." 
I raised an eyebrow, "Freaked out? What are you talking about?" 
He smirked and at that second I saw Louis. 
I ducked under a display of clothes and pulled the boy with me. 
"Sorry. I'm hiding from someone." I said. 
"Why?" He asked. 
"Huge game of hide and go seek." I said. Louis was now in the store but didn't check where I was hiding. 
"Hey that guy is in One Direction." The boy said. 
"Yup." I said shrugging. 
"Oh, I see. You know them? Interesting." He said. 
I rolled my eyes and put my hair in a messy bun. 
"So where in the US are you from?" He asked. 
"LA... You're an American too, you look at things like a tourist." I said. 
He smiled, "Yeah I am... Wait you live in LA but don't know me?" 
I shrugged, "Haven't been in the US in like a while so if you are the most recent 'American Idol' then congrats."
"I've been famous for a while." He said smiling. 
"You do look familiar-ish... I dunno. Who are you?" I said giving up. 
"Wow this is nice, I haven't had to introduce myself in a while... I'm Justin, Justin Bieber." He said. 

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