Forever and Ever

Charlotte Burke is a normal seventeen year old girl. She lives near LA and is used to all the famous people flying in and out. After her father walked out on her and her mother, she was the one to take care of her mom and adopted sister, Annie. She never wanted anything more in life than her family's happiness.
Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn are anything but a normal boys. Being in a boy band was always an important and lucky part of their lives. By now they were used to all the girls: crazy and throwing themselves at them.
One lucky encounter could change everything for them both. Will Char be able to get over her grudge against pop stars? Will the band realize that by falling for Char music won't be the only important thing? Will they even be able to date with one of them being British and the other American?
Love always has it's ways of working, but it usually comes with a price..............


24. Falling Fast

Char's POV
"I'm home!" I yelled to no one in particular. My mom raced down the stairs, traces of tears on her cheeks. 
She crushed me in a huge hug, and for the first time in awhile, I felt like she actually loved me. I wrapped my arms around her tightly and buried my head in her shoulder. 
"I was so worried." My mom whispered. 
"It was so scary." I told her. 
"They told me you knew him...?" 
I nodded, "Indirectly."
"I'm so glad you're ok."
"So am I... Harry saved me." I confessed, biting my lip. 
"He was with you in the building?" My mom struggled to understand. 
"No, I called him... I told him what was going on after I heard the shot first go off. He instantly came to the school and got in, then helped me get away from the shooter." I explained, not wanting to bother saying Jack. 
"You're ok." My mother sighed, hugging me again. We stayed like that, two relieved people embracing and for once, it felt nice. 

"Hey it's me." I smiled. 
"Hey me." He chuckled over the phone. 
"How're ya?" I asked. 
"Alright... And yourself?" 
"I'm doing better." I sighed. 
"Do you know what makes most girls really happy?" He asked. 
"Kissing curly haired boys?" 
"Yes, but no..."
"I give up!" I smiled. 
"Are you up for a concert tomorrow night?" Harry asked. 
"Sure! What band?" I instantly accepted. 
"These really cool guys, call themselves One Direction." I could tell he was smiling, mostly because I was too. 
"Really? Well I've heard that there's this girl who owes her life to one of the band members." I grinned. 
"I don't think it's that intense." 
"She owes him... She'll find someway to repay him." I shrugged. 
"Ok. Enough about Harry the Hero, tell me more about you!" He said. 
"Ew I'm boring!" I frowned. 
"I don't think so."
"Well you're the only one." I said. 
"We both know that isn't true."
"One of us knows it is."
"The other argues."
"Why do you always think so high of me?" I asked. 
"Because I see no reason not to." He shrugged. 
"You're crazy." I smiled, twirling a piece of my hair. 
"For you." He stated. 
I felt my heart pounding, never had a guy been able to do this to me before!
"I gotta go..." I said a little later. 
"Ok. I'll talk with you soon! Call me before you sleep." He asked. 
"Sounds good... Love you!" I said. 
"Love you too!" He replied. 
Then I clicked my phone off and ran downstairs to play with Annie. 

"No she can't wear that, it's and awful look on her!" Annie flipped out as I slip a blue dress onto a Barbie. 
"Excuse me? She looks awesome!"
"Nope. Put her in pink. Ken likes her in pink." Annie demanded. I smirked and changed her blue dress into a pink one.  
"Happy?" I asked. 
"No, she has no shoes on." Annie rolled her eyes. 
"I was about to put them on!" I giggled, slipping the little rubber shoes onto her tiny feet. 
"Perfect." Annie approved. 
"Like you." I smiled. She was the sweetest thing, nothing could compare to my adorable sister. 
"Can you velcro this?" She asked, handing me her Barbie. I chuckled and fixed it so the skirt was on properly. 
"Annie bedtime!" My mom yelled. 
"But Char is still up!" She argued. 
"Cuz Charlotte is a big girl! Now get up here!" My mom said. 
"Fine..." Annie muttered. She ran over to me and gave me a huge bear hug. 
"I love you." We told each other. Then she skipped up to bed. 

Downstairs I was curled up on the couch watching The Last Song. Some tears were already on my cheeks, but I knew I would cry so much more at the end. 
"Hey sweetie." My mom whispered. 
I smiled and held open my arms like I did when I was six.  Without blinking, my mom raced at me into my arms. We curled up with each other like we used to, and I realized how much I missed the old days. 
"They think she's underweight." My mom sighed. 
I frowned, "Annie? She's fine!" 
"So far..." 
We both trailed off and turned back to the movie. 
When it finished we both had tears streaming down our cheeks. 
"So, everything good with friends?" 
I nodded, "Yeah. Is it alright if I go out tomorrow?" 
"You ask me permission now?" My mom poked my stomach. 
"No matter what, you are my mom."
"You're so sweet... And you will always be my baby, I don't care if you're seventeen or what, you're my baby." My mom hugged me. 
"I'm gonna go to bed now." I smiled. 
"Ok, goodnight honey!"
I trudged up the steps, still sniffling from the movie. 
But once I got to my room I got my phone and called Harry. We talked for hours and hours and hours... Only then did I realize how deep I was falling for this boy. 

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