Forever and Ever

Charlotte Burke is a normal seventeen year old girl. She lives near LA and is used to all the famous people flying in and out. After her father walked out on her and her mother, she was the one to take care of her mom and adopted sister, Annie. She never wanted anything more in life than her family's happiness.
Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn are anything but a normal boys. Being in a boy band was always an important and lucky part of their lives. By now they were used to all the girls: crazy and throwing themselves at them.
One lucky encounter could change everything for them both. Will Char be able to get over her grudge against pop stars? Will the band realize that by falling for Char music won't be the only important thing? Will they even be able to date with one of them being British and the other American?
Love always has it's ways of working, but it usually comes with a price..............


41. Bad News

Harry's POV
"Call Cher! We're going to Nandos! It's guna be a party!" Niall yelled at Charlotte once she finished painting her nails. Charlotte took out her iphone and called. 
"She's in!" Char yelled once she hung up. 
"Char and Cher... Confusing!" Zayn laughed. 
"Yeah call her Lloyd or something. Or I'll be Burke, NOT Charlotte.  Ew hate that name." Char grimaced. 
"Why? It's pretty!" Niall said. 
"Yeah, it suits you." I said. 
"No it doesn't. Leave me alone I'm Char, nothing else." She said sarcastically. 
"No more love?" I asked sadly. 
"Or princess?" Louis added. 
"Ugh you boys are insane!" She groaned. 
"But you love us!" Zayn called. 
"Well..." She said smiling. 
"Our baby doesn't love us!" Liam said fake crying. 
"Aw! Gramps! Don't cry you'll make me cry. I didn't mean it I swear." Char joked. 
"Yay! She does love us!" Niall yelled. 
"She loves me. The rest of" I said kissing her cheek.
"Lies!" Zayn screamed. 
"I love all you, I just love Harry in a different way, and maybe a bit more." Char said smiling. I felt my heart fly. She said she loved me. She had already said it before, but now she actually told the boys! 
"And I love you." I whispered into her ear. 
"So erm- don't we need to pick up Cher now?" Liam asked. 
"Nope, she's driving over." Char said. 


Char had been texting Cher a ton over the past couple days, and I couldn't be happier. They are so alike but different at the same time. I was worried at first that Cher would take Charlotte away from me to do girl bonding stuff, but I realized that Char might need that, so the fact that she now has a British gal pal is good. 
I heard the door bell rang and Zayn and Louis raced to get it. 

They gave her hugs and so did the rest of us, Char last and lingered to talk about something. 
"Girls! We're leaving!" Niall yelled into the main room. 
"Coming! Chill mom!" Char yelled laughing. Cher was confused but Char just shook her head laughing as they walked outside. 
"Hello love." I said to Char while wrapping my arms around her shoulders from behind.  
"Hey Curly." She said smiling. 
It was just us standing in front of the house. Pure perfection. 
I laughed at the use of my nickname I had earned a while ago. 
"It's amazing." I mumbled into her hair. 
"What is?" She asked. 
"The fact that I found you. I found the most amazing girl who I am head over heels for, who I know is the one, who I would be willing to do anything for, and somehow she feels the same way. Do you know what the best part is?" I sighed. 
"What?" Char asked lightly with a gentle smile on her lips. 
"The best part is that I never have to wake up, that this isn't a dream... I don't think." I said grinning. 
"Harry Styles, I love you. More than life itself." Char declared before turning and kissing me with so much passion and love. 
I put my hands on her back and held her close never wanting to let go, or until some RUDE person (*cough* LOUIS *cough*) decided to flash their car lights and honk right at us. 
I pulled back and saw Char blushing a bright hue of red. I stroked her cheek with my thumb then took her hand and walked to the car, holding hands with my dream girl. 
"Nice." Cher whispered to Char once we were in the car. Char blushed again but nodded subtly.
I was next to Char who was in between me and Cher. Louis was driving, Niall in shot gun and Liam and Zayn were in the far back. 
"To Nandos!" Niall yelled. 


Char's POV
Nandos was amazing... Like always.

We went to an ice cream shop near the flat after. 
"I don't want any." I frowned. 
"Nope, you're getting some." Liam said. 
"Pushy!" I mumbled. 
"Hi can I get seven scoops in sugar cones?" Zayn said to the girl. 
"Sure what flavors." She answered. 
"Two cookie dough, three mint, one vanilla, and one coffee." Zayn said with a smile that nearly knocked the girl off her feet. 
She handed us our ice cream then asked for my signature. 
"Me?" I asked, surprised. 
"Yeah you're like amazing. American girl who charmed the pants off England's lady man. I want everyone's signatures here, if possible, but yours won't be forgotten. I ship Charry." She said smiling. 
"Huh?" Harry asked referring to the last part. I laughed, it was sorta a tumblr thing. 
"She likes us, Harry. She thinks were a cute couple." I laughed. 
"Oh! Well I always thought so, I'm glad I'm not the only one." Harry smiled, wrapping his arms around me. 
"No, really you guys are trending everywhere!" She continued.
"Really?" I asked. 
"You especially! Everywhere! Everyone loves everything about you." She announced happily. 
"I've worn only shit except for the Halloween red carpet thingy. But still mostly just shorts and tshirts." I said confused. 
"Yeah but the way you present yourself. Everyone sees you as a confident, normal girl. You're already famous. Everyone knows Char Burke." She said as we finished signing a piece of paper for her. 
"Oh. Thanks. What's your name?" I asked. 
"I'm Emma." She said smiling huge. 
"Well, bye Emma! Hope to see you around." I said smiling back as we walked away. 
"See. I told you everyone loves you." Harry whispered, nudging me playfully when we were back at the apartment. 
"Well you're my boyfriend, I'd hope you would say that." I shrugged. 
"What about the other boys." He asked. 
"Yeah they're sweet and all but like family. Family would say that stuff." I said. 
"Oh, I see. Well now you know." Harry smiled. 
"I think I do" I answered before kissing him. 
I ran my hands through his hair and felt myself being lifted up. We were on our bed in a few seconds lying down and kissing.
It was around 11 when I noticed the new message on my phone. 

I see you've been keeping up with the work that teachers have sent to you, which is great. I'm sorry to say that unless you are back by November 5 we will have to fill your spot and disenroll you from school, remember Homecoming is November 10. 
-Mr Woodard

I sighed and closed my eyes. What would I do. 
"Babe, what's wrong?" Harry asked, seeing my face fall. 
"Oh- uh I have a deadline for school." I said sadly. 
"But you've been doing all the work that they have sent." Harry said frantically, his eyes searching my face. 
I took his hand and put my head on his shoulder. 
"They are gonna stop. They'll fill my spot... I-I won't be able to get into collage." I stuttered. I felt tears coming to my eyes, but made no motion to wipe them away. Harry interpreted my sobs wrong. 
"Love you should go back." Harry said. 
"I'm not crying cuz of that stupid. I don't wanna leave you." I whispered. Thinking back to the last time we were apart. We had almost killed ourselves! 
We were sitting on our bed alone, so neither of us cared when we began crying. I started by sobbing into Harry's shirt and I looked up to see him crying too which caused me to cry even more. A little later we walked out into the main room holding hands with red, puffy eyes.  
"What time is it?" I asked to no one in particular with a throaty voice. 
"Erm- like midnight." Zayn answered. 
The boys turned from the TV to look at us. 
They took in our teary eyes. 
Our depressed and semi tortured expressions.
They lastly took in us holding hands as if it were the last time we ever would. 


Harry's POV 
Char has to leave. 
I know that she will, if she doesn't I'll make her. 
She deserves collage. 
I'll be able to visit her and she can come to London on her breaks... It would work. It has to work, true love always does right?
"What happened?" Louis frowned, standing up with the others, walking over to us. 
"I might have to go." Char said weakly. 
"No, you have to go. I know you Char. You need to." I said even weaker, my voice barely audible. 
"What? Who's going where? And why?" Niall asked concerned. I wasn't the only one who loved Char, we all did. She was their sister, but my love. 
"If I'm not in school by November 5 then I'm screwed. No school and most likely no collage." She sighed. 
"You need to go." Liam said quietly after a few seconds. 
Char sighed, "I know. I just don't wanna leave you guys."
Everyone grabbed her in separate hugs.
"We love you." Louis whispered reassuringly. 

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