Life of A Geek

I'm Gabby Peak, let me tell ya something. There's this one girl at my school, she's a total bitch. And I've told one massive lie. I'm dating Niall Horan. I thought she would just say okay or something. But nooooo, she says I have to kiss him in order for her to believe me. After that, you wouldn't believe what happened. Want to know? Well, read my story, Life of A Geek, to find out!


6. I Hate You

*3 Months Later*

Gabriela's P.O.V

It's been three months now and we are officialy done with school. I graduated with all A's and I do not plan on going to college anytime soon. "Hey, Gabby, want to go a party with me?" Niall asked. We were sitting on the couch at our house. Oh, by the way, Niall and I moved in together. "Sure." I said. "Come here." He said and grabbed my hand. He led me up to our room. He went to the closet. I sat on the bed watching him. He pulled out one of my short black dresses. "I want you to wear this." He said and smiled. "Okay." I said. I pulled off my shirt and pants and put the dress on. I put on my black TOMS and he got dressed. "Ready to go?" he asked. "Yeah." I said. We walked out of the house and I got in his car.

We pulled up to his friends house and got out. He grabbed my hand and led me to the door. We walked in and thier was loud music and laughter coming from everywhere. I was used to it, but it seemed different since I was with Niall. I found a couch and sat on it while Niall went to get us drinks. I seen everyone was making out and dancing with somebody. This was going to be one of those wild parties.

About an hour of drinking and talking I had to go to the bathroom to get away from all of the noise. I stayed in there for five minutes and decided to go out. When I walked out, I found Niall making out with some random girl. He looked at me and quickly pushed her away. By now I was in tears. I ran out of the house. Thank god our house wasn't that far away. "Gabby! Wait!" I heard Niall yell. I called a cab and got it to take me home.

I got there and went inside and slammed the door. I was so mad at Niall. A few minutes later he came running through the door. "I hate you Niall!" I screamed. "I thought you loved me! Then I see you kissing that slut?!" I added. "I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking straight!" Niall aplologized as tears ran down his face. He was red. "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU! Maybe we shouldn't be together, if you can't love me and only me!" I yelled at him as I walked out of the house, slamming the door behind me. I sat on a step and tears streamed down my face in regret. I didn't mean what I said, I was just mad. I knew Niall would never mean to hurt me, he was just drunk. But I was still mad. I heard Niall crying inside. Then, I hear thud, thud, thud . I was curious so I got up and looked in the window. He was punching the wall, still crying. After a few more minutes of him doing that I decided to go in. I burst through the door. Niall was still punching the wall, ignoring me. I ran up to him and pulled him away from the wall to prevent him from hurting himself. He falls to the ground and covers his face. I hugged him tight and held his hands. They were red. I softly rubbed his knuckles. "I'm so sorry..." He said. "No, I'm sorry!" I said and hugged him around his neck. He buries his face into my neck. I felt his warm breath on my neck and tears streaming down his face. He hugged me around my waist tightly. "Please don't ever leave me Gabby." He whispered. "Never." I said and smiled. I pulled away from the hug and studied his face. He was all red and full of tears. He calmed down a little though. I put my hands on his face and wiped away the tears with my thumb. "I love you." I told him "I love you more." He said and smashed his lips onto mine. I leaned in with the kiss as he helped me up. He grabbed my waist and carefully made his way upstairs to our room.

                      "Are you sure you want to do this?" He asks as he sits me on the bed. "More than anything." I say and kiss him again. I'm more sure of this than anything else. It wasn't just a coincedence that we met, we met by fate. I am truly in love with him and I know he loves me just as much, if not, more. His hands  slide down my shoulder to my waist as he pushes me back on the bed. His soft lips meeting my neck as I take his shirt off. I feel his stomach, his abs as he slowly slides my shirt off. He plants small kisses down my chest and we finish undressing each other. After that, well, I'm pretty sure you know what happened.


                          I wake up the next morning cuddled up next to Niall. I smell the scent of him. I love his earthy scent. I smile to myself and stretch. Niall stirs next to me. His eyes flutter open and flashes those amazing blue eyes at me. "Goodmorning, love." He says and smiles. "Goodmorning." I say and return the smile. He gazes at me. I could never get tired of staring into those brilliant eyes. They're so blue, like the ocean, while mine, on the other hand, are the color of the Hudson River. Brown. Plain. Boring. Although I've been told my eyes are pretty, I hate my eyes. They are just brown. Like my hair. Not an interesting color. Not at all. But his eyes sparkle and glisten in the sunlight creeping in from the blinds. "Are you okay love?" Niall asks after a while of me just staring at his eyes. "I'm amazing. I just love staring into you eyes." I say and smile. "I love staring into your amazing brown eyes." He says. "Brown in a boring color. I hate my eyes." I say. "I don't. They sparkle and they aren't a boring brown. Like a honey color brown." He says. I smile. I couldn't have asked for a better boyfriend.

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