Life of A Geek

I'm Gabby Peak, let me tell ya something. There's this one girl at my school, she's a total bitch. And I've told one massive lie. I'm dating Niall Horan. I thought she would just say okay or something. But nooooo, she says I have to kiss him in order for her to believe me. After that, you wouldn't believe what happened. Want to know? Well, read my story, Life of A Geek, to find out!


2. Dresses (short chapter)

Gabriela's P.O.V

"Hey Gabby, can I talk you?" An Irish accent sounded from behind me. I turned around to see Niall behind me. We were at lunch. I followed him to an empty table and sat across from him. "You know, you should really thank me for yesterday." He said and smirked. I blushed. "Thanks." I said. "But um, did you do that just because you felt sorry for me or just because, you know." I said and looked down. "That's something for you to find out." He said and kissed my cheek before getting up and walking away. I found Jessica sitting at a table nearby and sat next to her. "So, what happened?" She asked and munched on her apple. I told her everything and she smiled. "He has a thing for you." She said. "Really?" I asked and blushed madly. "Oh yeah." She simiply replied.


Niall's P.O.V

I found the guys sitting at our table. "What happened over there?" Louis asked as I sat down. "Um, we just talked about what happened yesterday." I replied. "Do you like her?" Harry asked, although he knew the answer. I looked over to her and she was talking happily to her friend. "Yeah." I amitted. "Well why won't you tell her?" Harry asked. "Because I don't know if she feels the same way." I said. "She likes you, a lot. Have you seen the way she looks at you?" Liam said. "I don't know. I mean, when I kissed her, I felt something strong. I just want to do it again." I said. "You know, the spring dance is coming up, you should ask her!" Zayn suggested. "Yeah, I think I should." I said.

Lunch was over and we went to our next class, language arts. The only good thing about this class is Gabby and I had it together. Before class started, I decided to talk to her. "Um, Gabby, the spring dance is coming up and I was wondering if, um, y-" I got cut off by the teacher slamming the door and talking. I sighed and turned around in my seat. "Yes." I heard Gabby whisper in my ear. I smiled to myself. The whole class I thought about nothing except that I was going to the dance with Gabriela Peak.


Gabby's P.O.V

"He asked you to the dance!?" Jessica exclaimed as we walked out. "Yes!" I said and smiled. "Oh look, Gabby's finally got her a date. How much did you pay him?" Kat asked from behind us. I turned around. "I honestly don't care what you think, Kat. Because all I know is I'm going to the dance with Niall and there's nothing you can do about it." I said and walked away. "She is really irritating." Jessica said. "Yup.Bye." I said as we made it to our fifth period class. I walked in and got my trumpet out.


"Hey Gabby!" Niall called as I walked out of the building. School was over. "Do you think I can get your number?" He asked. I gave it to him and smiled. "Can't wait until that dance." I said and walked off. I got in mum's car that Sayra was driving. "Guess what?" I said. "What?" Sayra asked. "He asked me to the dance!" I exclaimed. "Really!?" She asked. "Yes!" I said. "We need to go dress shopping." She said and giggled. I was so excited!

We pulled up to our house and got out. My phone was buzzing in my pocket and I got it out.

From:Niall: hey love, whatcha doin?

To:Niall: about to go dress shopping, can't wait!

From:Niall: I can't wait to c u in it:)

To:Niall: okay, about to go, talk to you later?

From:Niall: yeah, bye xx

I put my phone back in my pocket and went up to my bathroom to fix my hair. I finished brushing it and ran back down stairs. "Sayra! Are you ready!?" I yelled. "Yeah!" She yelled and ran downstairs. "Do you think Jess can come?" I asked her. "Yeah, she can come." She answered as we got in the car. I called Jess to tell her that we were going to pick her up.

"Gabby!" Jessica yelled as we pulled up to her house. She got in and we chatted the whole way to the dress shop. "Did Austin ask you to the dance?" I asked her. "Yeah! I went over to his house and he had a nice dinner that his mum made, then he asked me!" She said and giggled. Sayra pulled up to the shop and we got out. "I'm gonna pop some tags only got twenty dollas in my pocket!" Sayra started. "THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME!!!" Jess and I finished for her. We all started laughing and everyone in the store looked at us funny. We got quiet and looked at each other. Then we started laughing again. We looked through tons of racks of dresses until I found a cute dress that would look great on me. It was a floor length, peach color dress with rinestones at the top and around the bottom, and also around the waist like a little belt. I tried it on and it looked amazing. I walked out to show Jess and Sayra and they goggled at me. "You look, amazing!" Jess shrieked and hugged me. "Will we be able to afford it?" I asked Sayra. "Yeah, I think we will." She said and smiled. We waited around until Jess found the right one. I was a floor length, green color dress with a little flower on the side of the waist. We went to the check out and bought our dresses. Only three more days until the dance!


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